Checkers Wheel Chock

checkers wheel chock
    wheel chock
  • Wheel chocks (or chocks) are wedges of sturdy material placed behind a vehicle's wheels to prevent accidental movement. Chocks are placed for safety in addition to setting the brakes. The bottom surface is sometimes coated in rubber to enhance grip with the ground.
  • A wedge-shaped block put under a wheel to prevent a vehicle from rolling
  • A block placed in front of the back wheels of a truck or trailer to prevent the vehicle from moving away from the dock during loading and unloading.
  • (checker) an attendant who checks coats or baggage
  • A pattern of squares, typically alternately colored
  • A game for two players, with twelve pieces each, played on a checkerboard
  • A round flat piece, usually red or black, used to play checkers
  • a checkerboard game for two players who each have 12 pieces; the object is to jump over and so capture the opponent's pieces
  • (checker) check: mark into squares or draw squares on; draw crossed lines on
checkers wheel chock - Tigerchocks AC3515-P
Tigerchocks AC3515-P Urethane Lightweight Commercial Aviation Wheel Chock, Yellow, 15" Length, 5" Width, 3" Height (Pair)
Tigerchocks AC3515-P Urethane Lightweight Commercial Aviation Wheel Chock, Yellow, 15" Length, 5" Width, 3" Height (Pair)
Tigerchocks 3500 series aviation wheel chocks are designed for business, commercial, cargo, and military aircraft. They are an updated version of the original wooden wheel chock design. These chocks are made from impact-absorbing urethane and are resistant to oils, chemicals, fuels, and hydraulic fluids used in the aviation industry. For additional safety and convenience, Tigerchocks 3500 series wheel chocks include a 1/2" x 24" replaceable nylon rope lanyard and our molded-in, high visibility color for easy identification. These lightweight wheel chocks are easy to use and ideal for carrying on aircraft. Weight: 7.8 lbs. Measures 15" length by 5" width by 3" height. Available in yellow color.

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Front Wheel Chock
Front Wheel Chock
Now that manufacturers no longer offer centre stands on their bikes you need a friend to hold the bike upright so you can do maintenance chores like checking the oil or lubing the chain. Well now there's the solution in this handy front wheel holder. It's sold by Yamaha, the people who took away the centre stand in the first place. Aaaargh!
Jon Clark and Delaney Auto Design create the loudest and most radical Hemi truck ever, WITH A TRUNK! Flat 'Green' biodegradable paint fools the environ-mental-ists and nulls the 'gas guzzler' tax.

checkers wheel chock
checkers wheel chock
Tigerchocks AC6820-LR Urethane Military Aircraft Wheel Chock, Hi-Vis Yellow, 20" Length, 8" Width, 6" Height
Tigerchocks 4600 series military aircraft wheel chocks are an updated version of the traditional wooden military chocks. These new composite urethane wheel chocks weigh less than wood chocks and are resistant to the aircraft fuels, hydraulic fluids and lubricants used in the aviation industry. Tigerchocks will last years longer than wooden chocks, never need painting and are not potential foreign object damage (FOD) problems for aircraft. Standard with 5/8" x 36" or 48" replaceable nylon rope lanyard. These chocks utilize the Tigerchocks rope lock system. This original military style chock-to-chock rope lock system allows a wheel chock to be temporarily and securely attached to the opposing wheel chock on the opposite side of the aircraft tire. This chock-locking system ensures that wheel chocks remain firmly positioned against each side of the aircraft tire during engine test procedures. Weight: 15 lbs. Measures 20" length by 8" width by 6" height. Molded in high-vis yellow color.