How a New, Powerful, Robust Series Of Autoresponder Reports Are Converting Visitors Into Paying Customers Like Mad...

If you´re fed up with trying to make money online, this might be the most important article you read all year...

by Lou Larsen

   Remember when you first started your website? Didn´t you anticipate and hope for a large amount of visitors and profits? You were probably incredibly enthusiastic and excited. But over time you soon realized the truth: selling online is tough. Getting qualified traffic is tough. The competition can be brutal.

   And that´s not the only problem, an even bigger one is most of your visitors only see your site once. Never to return. And you just know that's money disappearing into the ether. Turning to smoke.
   Now, you probably also know that follow up autoresponders are a fantastic way of turning many more visitors into paying customers. Super-successful online businesses have known this for years. It´s no secret.
   The hitch, of course, is that many business owners don't know how to write these compelling autoresponders...don't have time to write them...or just don't like to write them.
   So, many business owners try a short cut. They use fill-in-the-blank autoresponder templates.

   Problem is, they don´t work.

   I've signed up for various autoresponder reports only to get that "Internet marketer" style of writing ("BLAST YOUR PROFITS BY 6574%!!!!") from several different businesses. They were using templates. Amateur nonsense. Use those “instant sales” templates and you'll get so many unsubscribes, your head will spin.

   Other autoresponder reports or ¨courses¨ I´ve received have been nothing more than thinly disguised sales pitches. I´m sure you´ve received these too.

Out of All That Garbage, What Kind of Autoresponders Work?

   You´ll always sell more by using autoresponders that customers WANT to receive. What you want are autoresponders that customers actually wait enthusiastically to get delivered to their inbox. They crave their arrival. They will actually complain to you if these reports are late.
   To reach that level of desire, you need to create and send autoresponders that are interesting, useful, and educational. They help your customers and prospects.

   The best thing about these autoresponders is that they also create an irresistible urge to buy from you. Why? It´s the Law of Reciprocity. People feel they owe someone after they have been given something of value. That value comes from your autoresponders.

   And when you have thousands of people on your list because of these special autoresponders, and a large percentage of them buy...well, you can do the math.
   Unfortunately, many people just don't know how to create these types of autoresponders. And they are losing a ton of money because of it.

“Eight out of ten people buy major purchases after the 5th contact.”
-- Sales and Marketing Executives International

A New Service is Available To You For Making Easier Money Online...

   I'm offering a service to businesses that need these compelling autoresponder reports. The type of industry doesn't matter. These reports lure visitors. These reports sell. Customers and prospects are eager to receive them. Unsubscribes are rare.
   They are many different ways to create these reports. Here is one sequence many of my clients and I often use:
Welcome Message (your visitors get this when they first sign up. It paints wonderful pictures in their minds about all the great stuff they are going to get...FOR FREE! It also reminds them why and how they signed up, many people forget.)
First Message. Contains useful and unique information that they can use immediately. This paints you and your company as experts who know what they are doing and give valuable information for free.
Second Message. Contains useful info. It's a bit more vague and complicated. This will put in their minds that they probably need you.
Third Message. Lots of benefits of doing business with you.
Other Messages. Here are additional benefits, more helpful information, links to other articles, etc.
Second to Last Message. "What would you do in this situation?" Here we ask your prospects how they would handle difficult situations, situations your company can typically solve.
Final Message. This one becomes more of a hard sell. We tell them the consequences of not using your products or services. Or the consequences of using another company.
   All of these messages use psychological triggers and motivators such as NLP Language Patterns for Advertising and persuasion techniques.
   Once you use these autoresponders I've created for you on your website, you will be able to:
Convert more visitors into paying customers. Take the common sales advice, "it takes several reminders before someone new buys from you," and turn it into a powerful force for your business. Can you even imagine a fraction of your visitors giving you money instead of just disappearing?
Create more Long Term Value Customers. Customers that buy from you again and again are the best. No doubt about it. Useful autoresponders are probably something your competitors aren't doing.
Upsell and cross-sell with greater ease. Once your customers are comfortable with you and your business, you'll be able to sell them more offers and higher priced ones, too.
Develop a massive fan base... You'll be seen as an expert in your field (if you're not already). I usually include a "Pass This Email On To A Friend" in these autoresponders. You wouldn't believe how many more people have become new customers just by adding similar phrasing.
Establish joint ventures. After your list of customers has grown because of these autoresponders I create for you, other businesses will start approaching you to market their non-competitive products and services for a percentage of the profits. And they will offer to market yours.
Market other products. What happens if you only have one or two products, but you want to make more money? No problem. There are hundreds of related affiliate programs you can join to sell other businesses' products and make a commission on them.

   As you consider those benefits of my autoresponder service, you might like to think of how they would best be used in your business situation.

   Let's get this next part out of the way so we can get started as soon as possible...

How Much Does This Compelling Autoresponder Service Cost?

   Your investment in this service is only $50 per day. For example, if you wanted only three autoresponders it would cost you $150. If you want seven autoresponders (usually considered the most effective amount), it would cost $350.

   Your return on investment can be phenomenal. Some businesses have made thousands of dollars in just a few days with powerful autoresponders and outstanding offers.

   All you have to do is give me some information. You sit back and relax. Then in a short period of time, I´ll send your powerful autoresponder reports via email.

   Once you use my autoresponder writing service, you will also get, absolutely free, these bonuses:

1. FREE Sign Up Copy. Many people just put “Sign Up For Our Newsletter”. That doesn´t work very well. These forms need to be full of benefits and persuasion.

2. FREE Welcome Message. This message reminds your visitors that they signed up to receive these autoresponders and to delight them into all the goodies they will be getting in the weeks to come.

3. FREE NLP Language Patterns for Advertising Workbook. NLP language patterns have been proved to be extremely powerful in motivating people to buy. With this free workbook, you can create all sorts of powerfully compelling ads: classified ads, eBay listings, Craigslist posts, the places you can use these patterns is infinite.

   I only accept professionals who are serious about turning their businesses around, getting and keeping more customers and clients online. If you´re sick of the results you´ve been getting online, but feel you can do a lot better, contact me as soon as possible so we can make you a lot more money.

   It´s good to know that you have someone out there to help you create powerful autoresponders, isn´t it? Why not contact me now, while you´re still on this page? I´m looking forward to working together.

Send me an email here: loularsen@gmail.com or use this form so we can get started right away.