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Repair Laptop Power

repair laptop power
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repair laptop power - Brand New
Brand New Replacement Ac Adapter + Power Supply Cord for Pa-12 / Dell Laptops
Brand New Replacement Ac Adapter + Power Supply Cord for Pa-12 / Dell Laptops
Specification INPUT: 100-240V 50-60HZ ~ 1.5A OUTPUT?19.5V--3.34A 65W DC connector: 7.4x5.0mm Dimension: 135*55*28mm FREE Adapter and Power Cord Cable Warranty: 1 year Compatible with DELL P/Ns: PA-1650-05D2, U7088, F7970, N2765, 450-10484, AA22850, PA-1650-05D, 310-4408, 1X917, 310-2860, 310-3149, 5u092, PA12, PA-12 Family, PADL012 DELL INSPIRON Series: 300m, 500m, 505m, 510m, 600m, 630m, 640m, 700m, 710m, 1150, 6000, 6400, 8500, 8600, 9200, 9300, 9400, E1405, E1705 DELL LATITUDE Series: D400, D410, D500, D505, D510, D5401, D600, D610, D620, D800, D810, X300, XPS 140, DELL PRECISION Series: M20, M60, M65, M140, M1210

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New Laptop Power Jack Installed
New Laptop Power Jack Installed
Got the new power jack soldered on. I realize it looks crappy but in fact the joints turned out perfectly. I just did them from the other side of the board.
Averatec Laptop Repair
Averatec Laptop Repair
Repair of an Averatec laptop power connector. Everything except the screen had to be disassembled. Note the broken solder connections circled in red.

repair laptop power
repair laptop power
AD6630 EXA0901XH Replacement Laptop AC Power Adapter for Asus EeePC Seashell 1005P 1005PE 1005PEB 1005PEG 1005HAGB 1008 1008P 1008PB 1008HAG 1201 1201N 1201HA 1201HAB 1201N UMPC Netbook Laptop Series Notebooks (UL Certificate No.: E190414 with 3 Years Warranty)
This high-quality 40W AC netbook adapter features compact design, high-impact durability, worldwide safety, and reliability that are either meets or exceed the original manufacturer's power specifications. For maximum compatibility and versatility, Power-Up with confidence, all models come with a standard Quality Assurance Program that provides a direct service guaranteed quality and performance for a period of 3-Year. RoHS, Lead-Free, Green Product (G.P) global environmental friendly status. Compatible with: Asus EeePC Seashell 1008 1008P 1008HAG 1201 1201N 1201HA 1201HAB 1201N 1005 1005HA 1005HAB 1005HAGB 1005P 1005PE 1005PEB 1005PEG UMPC Netbook Laptop Series Replacement PN#90-XB02OAPW00110Q AD6630 ADP-40PH N17908 EXA0901XH 90-XB02OAPW00000Q 90-XB02OAPW00010Q 90-XB02OAPW00050Q 90-XB02OAPW00100Q