Lcd Repair Manuals

lcd repair manuals
    repair manuals
  • (Repair manual) A book which details the procedure for repairing one or more components of a vehicle. Compare Service manual.
  • (LCDS) The London Contemporary Dance School is a school in the United Kingdom for the teaching of contemporary dance.
  • Liquid crystal display
  • Lowest (or least) common denominator
  • LCD were a computer generated dance act, active in the late 1990s. Signed to Virgin Records, their one hit single was a euro pop version of the Greek song "Zorbas", entitled "Zorba's Dance".
  • liquid crystal display: a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field; used for portable computer displays and watches etc.

if it isn't one thing, it's another -- or it's something completely different
if it isn't one thing, it's another -- or it's something completely different
Hello, and welcome to my disemboweled Dell Latitude LS! If you have never seen a notebook computer stripped down to the studs, here one is. The reason for this is because I decided to change my motherboard. See, I own three batteries for this thing, which works just fine on wall power, but the other day I discovered that the battery in it wasn't taking a charge. It'd sit on the charger for an hour yet still report 0%. After hours of websearching (it's incredible how lame and useless the online resources are (for example, neither the manual nor Dell's website say what a red light on the front panel's charging status LED means... green is charged, yellow is charging, red thereby means battery not recognised) and trying all three batteries -- the other two gave that red light, unrecognised, which is really bizarre since one of them I just took out of the package so it'd never been used, and yes it's a Dell stock battery so no third-party-block here -- I figured it's the charging circuit. I mean, three batteries, one fresh from the wrap, what else could it be? So I ordered a replacement, which arrived this morning. Truth be told, this is an upgrade; the original was 400MHz and the replacement is 500MHz. I have complete instructions how to disassemble and reassemble, which served me well because it's all back together with no spare parts (beside the screw that came in one corner of the board, evidence the eBay listing that said it was "probably new" didn't mean "brand new", but it does have the latest BIOS so that's a plus) and running. But I slapped in that never-been-used battery and... still not recognised. I've put the battery that is recognised in, it's still recognised, and now after a two hour period of letting it charge I power it on and check the 'fuel gauge'... Zero percent. Hmm, well. This may have been more of an upgrade (and an adventure in computer repair, I needed the practice) than a fix for the original issue. I'm running the battery gauging program in BIOS right now in case the computer forgot how to judge these things (which would make sense at the moment, since I had to change the date from Jan 1 1998 and the time from midnight it might not know anything else either -- or need its clock battery replaced, which I can do readily)... [4 hours later] Nothing happening in the recalibrator. Methinks I have three bad lithium ion batteries afterall, against all odds. It's always something with this machine.
What The *#@%&**
What The *#@%&**
So when I made my last post on Saturday, I was on my way to pick up my new Camera, It was just like being a kid, and getting to go to the fair for the day unsupervised, Of course when I get to pick up the camera, you can't just get a camera, you have to have a new lens too, Right? Then there are the cool accessories, and a backup battery, new memory card, ect. Well $4200 later I 'm on my way home to play with my new toys, I have to drive 50 miles to get home..Can't wait, can't wait...I get home and tear open the box, start refiling through the stuff, find the battery, and charger, "Battery must be fully charged for the first charge or life of the battery may be significantly reduced, takes approx. 4 Hours for full charge"....BUMMER...Ok, ok, I'll spend this time reading the manual and get acclimated to the new controls, and features...Now 4 hours seems like two full days at work , but finally the battery is fully charged! Yippe, Here we go now. So I twist on the new lens, and pop in that that battery and flip on the power switch, set the date and time, which the camera wants you to do first, hit the menu button to see the lay of things, Wow!! This is going to be cool!! Ok here we go take off the lens cap, hit the shutter release button, and she snap to focus, so push the button on down and, What the heck is that funny noise...Look at the LCD screen, "ERROR 30 shot could not be taken, turn off the power switch or reinstall the battery and try again.Uh...Ok lets try this again, Click...Funny noise, ERROR 30, my heart sinks, Well I'll try reinstalling the lens, on/of again, battery, Error..Man..Get online and search Error 30 nothing on Manufacturers site, Google this, Well there were some of these models, Not very many..with bad shutter curtains out there, you will need to send to Manufacture for repairs...""I Don't think so"" of course I couldn't call on the weekend, and had family functions Sunday...So I called this morning, and they confirmed that this was a shutter problem, and I would have to, take it back to the reseller that I bought it from,(which Saturday this was the only one they had...So I called another Store of the chain in another town, and the agreed to exchange it this afternoon, so now I'm waiting for the battery to charge. I should back charge them for part of my electric bill, and some pain and suffering!! Hope this one works!!

lcd repair manuals