From Twitter To LiveJournal

A WEB 3.0 Experiment 

1) What is AutoPostBot?

It's a little computer program I, FJ!!, made to monitor my Twitter feed and post my Tweets into my LiveJournal. It's an experiment in tying some of my electronic billboards together.

2) When was AutoPostBot made? 

Started December 2007, and my first personal Tweet -- not between test accounts -- went live January 5th 2008. 

3) Can I use AutoPostBot?

Not right now. Everything about me is hardcoded, though I have some infrastructure in place to make AutoPostBot pay attention to other Twitters and post to other places. It is not that hard. I just want to make sure it works well first, and Tweets aren't totally irritating on LiveJournal -- they have different affordances, after all.

4) What are your plans for AutoPostBot?

I may open it up more, as said above. Or not. Depends if I can find a way to make it worth my while.

5) Web 3.0? Are you kidding me?

Yes. No. A friend suggested that I call this Web 3.0 as a joke, but now I am thinking there's a point there. Web 2.0 was about making the web be more dynamic in its user-interaction, and use the aggregation of users to create more powerful connecting experiences: crowd-sourcing, feeds, networked blogs, extended conversations, reviews, vidoes, pictures, cross-linking.

But in the end, Web 2.0 is all about silos for an aspect of your personality: my visuals on flickr, my videos on YouTube, my tastes on Yelp, my passions on LiveJournal, my professional views on Slashdot, and all these conversations are separate. There are attempts at combinations: putting videos and pics together, flickr posting on your blog, etc. But in the end, our conversations and connections are boxed, harvested, and put to use to create ad-impressions.

WEB 3.0 is about taking those networks and conversations back. WEB 3.0 is about services that allow you to aggregate your contributions and publish them together how you see fit. WEB 3.0 is about you showing your whole personality, or just aspects partitioned together as you want -- no Nerve on your professional Google egosurf results page, plz -- and published so that your friends can truly follow you and new people can get to know you. Little cross-linking services that you easily use together to put your Tweets on your LJ with your videos, automatically, or all new systems to blow up old structures.
(And while WEB 3.0 encompasses the results of Web 2.0, it is also about really simple logos without mirrors and shading -- back to HTML roots, foreground, background. Thus I decree. Because I am still not sure if I am joking or not.)

It'll still all end up being about ad-impressions, though. But at least you will not be held hostage to some guy's need for an IPO of his overgrown college-project.