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Photo Effects With Celebrities

photo effects with celebrities
    photo effects
  • (Photo-effect) Also known as photoelectric-effect. This refers to a phenomenon of ejection of electrons from a metal whose surface is exposed to light.
  • (Photo effect) Convenient for color correction of photographs and movies. Also, screen images can be adjusted to Monochrome, Sepia or to the Gaussian Blur effect
  • The state of being well known
  • (celebrity) a widely known person; "he was a baseball celebrity"
  • (celebrity) fame: the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed
  • A celebrity (sometimes referred to as a celeb in popular culture) is a person who is easily recognized in a society or culture.
  • A famous person
photo effects with celebrities - Children of
Children of Hollywood: Accounts of Growing Up as the Sons and Daughters of Stars
Children of Hollywood: Accounts of Growing Up as the Sons and Daughters of Stars
Living in the shadow of a famous parent can have powerful effects, from professional opportunities to pressure so great it leads to suicide. Some children of stars are proud of their roots while others live in secrecy. This is a rare look into the private lives of the children (and, in a few cases, grandchildren) of these classic Hollywood icons, revealing the stresses and inspirations of living with great performers who may or may not have been great parents. Some movie stars protected their offspring, but others used them as publicity props or even made them into rivals. Despite their unusual upbringing, some of the children succeeded in the movies or elsewhere, but many never lived up to the public expectations. Many lost their parents, whether to the extremes of the celebrity lifestyle, to divorce, or to their careers. From the beautiful bedtime stories Harpo Marx and his wife told their four adopted children to explain where they’d come from, to the studded belt Bing Crosby used to punish his sons for not obeying the strict family rules, this work tells the best and worst of growing up in a celebrity home.
Families covered include those of W.C. Fields, the Marx Brothers, Eddie Cantor, Mario Lanza, Ruth Hussey, Jerry Lewis, Douglas Fairbanks and Boris Karloff. Research is drawn from interviews with celebrity offspring, who also provided never-before-published snapshots of Hollywood legends at home.

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Movie Set
Movie Set
Circa 1984. Toronto, Canada. Had the opportunity to work on a feature film for television with Frances Foster, Gloria Foster (no relation), and the late actor Howard Rollins. Some of you may remember Gloria Foster as "The Oracle" in the first two "The Matrix" films. Unfortunately she passed away before she could reprise her role in the final film. This eerie ghost story with a twist reaches back o the days of slavery and underground railroads. Spooky antics begin when a modern-day black family moves into a historic old house that seems to be haunted by murdered abolitionist Dies Drear. Dramatic special effects help build suspense as Walter Small and his son Thomas seek to discover the secrets of the legendary haunted house. Featuring an award-winning cast: Oscar nominee Howard Rollins, Jr. (Ragtime, A Soldiers Story), Emmy nominee Moses Gunn (Roots), Shavar Ross (Booker, Different Strokes), and Joe Seneca (A Time to Kill, Malcom X ). Source:
Emma Watson High Contrast Blend
Emma Watson High Contrast Blend
One photo I have edited to a very high contrast to show comparison to the other photo with less contrast. I have used a main brush to cover the whole blend to give it a hazy look overall. This is so that I can balance the effect of lighting in my blend without the blend being to 'flat' and boring. I have used many layers for this blend, roughly about 10. These layers all consit of lighting, text, images, background, etc. Photoshop 7.0

photo effects with celebrities