Shower Floor Repair

shower floor repair
  • A mass of small things falling or moving at the same time
  • a plumbing fixture that sprays water over you; "they installed a shower in the bathroom"
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Shower Out-Of-Service
Shower Out-Of-Service
This is my shower at the moment. You might notice there is no screen, floor, shower head, or taps. Damn builders and their "repairs", I'm only renting, I don't care if there's water leaking or whatever... I found these lights in the garage, left behind by a former housemate who is too lazy to pick her junk up. Half of the lights don't work due to a couple of missing bulbs in the chain :( Note to physics nerds: yes, I know the water wouldn't follow the path of the lights. It was the closest I could do, having no fishing line / black cotton (or anywhere to tie it to, should I have had some). Lighting: ambient from the sun, bouncing around off the walls, but reduced by me standing in front of the window (out of shot to the right) with a pillow. And the fairy lights are obviously contributing some light :) [114/365]
I can't believe the curb between the bathroom floor (tile removed) and the shower pan was made of wood! It had cultured marble glued to that wood. Not very wise construction. This would help lead to huge repairs. The moisture stored here, actually attracted roots from outside plants (look closely), and termites.

shower floor repair