Holmes Hepa Filter : 46mm Uv Filter.

Holmes Hepa Filter

holmes hepa filter
    hepa filter
  • A high efficiency particulate air , or HEPA , filter is a type of high-efficiency air filter.
  • Filter that traps airborne particles by forcing air through very dense mesh.
  • (HEPA Filters) Class of air filters which meet a minimum performance level of 99.97% on 0.3 microns efficiency. (This is only an efficiency test and may not show small pin holes or leaks.) In the cleanroom market HEPA is normally rated at 99.
  • Oliver Wendell (1809–94), US physician, poet, and essayist; father of US Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. His main contribution to medicine was an essay, written in 1843, on contagion as one cause of puerperal fever. His best-known literary works are the humorous essays known as “table talks,” which began with The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table (1857–58)
  • United States jurist noted for his liberal opinions (1841-1935)
  • United States writer of humorous essays (1809-1894)
  • Sherlock Holmes: a fictitious detective in stories by A. Conan Doyle
holmes hepa filter - HAPF-600 Holmes
HAPF-600 Holmes HEPA Air Cleaner Replacement Filter
HAPF-600 Holmes HEPA Air Cleaner Replacement Filter
Fits all Harmony series air purifiers and also fits Holmes/Harmony models HAP-615, HAP-625, HAP-650, HAP-675, HAP-675RC, HAP-725, HAP-750, HAP-1625, HAP-1650, HAP-1725, and HAP-1750. It also fits Bionaire models 1175, 1300, BAP1125, BAP1150, BA650, BAP1175-U, BAP1225-CN, BAP1250-U, BAP1300, BAP615, BAP625, BAP650, and GE models 106633, 106643, 106653. This filter measures approximately 6 7/8 x 10 1/8 x 2 1/4 and is 99.97% effective at HEPA Filtration. The HAP-615 requires 1 filter, the HAP-625 requires 2 filters, the HAP-650 requires 3 filters and the HAP-675 requires 4 filters. For optimum performance, change your filter every 6 to 12 months depending on the air quality in your home or office.

82% (8)
Comet Holmes
Comet Holmes
This is a composite picture I took of Comet 17P/Holmes. The comet is the smudge right below the bright star near the middle. The stars near the middle are part of the constellation of Perseus, which extends off the shot to the right; the bright star near middle is Mirphak, and the bright star to its upper right is Algol (a variable star). For the astronomers, it would appear that the limiting magnitude on this shot is around 6.75, (at least according to the magnitudes in Stellarium), which is certainly fainter than naked eye around these parts. I took 32 5-second frames straight off my tripod, loaded them into Gimp, aligned and rotated each one, and merged the layers together. All told, I'm fairly pleased, although it was a bit labor intensive, (and rotating the images in Gimp was a bit more hit-and-miss than it could have been, as Gimp doesn't apply the layer transparency to the preview). So while I'm excited with the results, I'm not sure how often I'll go out and do this (although I will probably want to try Orion next, as winter approaches...)
holmes 20071113.jpg
holmes 20071113.jpg
A few weeks ago, comet 17P/Holmes experienced an impressive, one-million fold outburst of luminosity. Since then, it has grown steadily and since November 9th or so, it has been the largest object in the Solar system (larger than the Sun itself)! For now (mid-november), the comet is easy to find in Perseus and looks like quite a large blob through binoculars and telescopes. Note: the comet is better seen in the full resolution image (click on the magnifying glass above).

holmes hepa filter
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