Lp vinyl cleaning : Home carpet clean.

Lp Vinyl Cleaning

lp vinyl cleaning
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  • LP is the debut album by the band Ambulance LTD. The album was released on March 23, 2004 in the US and March 14, 2005 in the UK via TVT Records.
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lp vinyl cleaning - Audio Technica
Audio Technica AT6012 Record Care Kit - Includes Record Care Solution, Brush Pad, Storage Base and Adhesive Tape
Audio Technica AT6012 Record Care Kit - Includes Record Care Solution, Brush Pad, Storage Base and Adhesive Tape
Audio Technica AT6012 Record Care Kit; Designed to gently remove contaminates while improving record fidelity and tracking. AT6012 Record Care Kit contains: Audio-Technica Record Care Solution (2 FL. OZ); Sonic Broom brush pad; storage base; double-sided adhesive tape. Scientific record-care formula gently removes microdust and other contaminants, dissolves fingerprints, and eliminates static electricity. Audio Technica AT6012 Features: Velvet brush pad reaches into grooves Inner reservoir directs the record care solution into brush pad's leading edge Records and styli last longer Improves record fidelity and tracking For LP/EP use only AmericanMusical is an authorized dealer of Audio-Technica products.

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Washing up
Washing up
You cannot accuse me of not doing my share in the household responsibilities! Today I have been cleaning the dishes records again. On the left side you see a piece of dirty vinyl waiting to get his bath, on the right side there are some cleaned records in the process of drying. The simple equipment used here is called 'Disco Antistat' from a German brand called Knosti. I believe the concept is unaltered since the 70's. It cannot perform miracles like mending scratches, but it is effective in removing dust & dirt. Professional cleaning machines clean more thoroughly, but this cheap set (you just need to replace the liquid regularly) certainly improves the sound of your dusty flea-market bargains.
Tenement - Napalm Dream LP
Tenement - Napalm Dream LP
Finally, a full length from Tenement. Great record, great songs. A lot of chunky rough pop punk, not completely dissimilar to the kind of thing that the Chinese Telephones are doing, though probably more ambitious. The only issue I have with this record is how it is recorded. Some of the songs have standard clean production, while some of the songs have a rougher Marked Men-ish style. I have no preference for either recording method truthfully, but it is a little odd having it change from one song to the next. I feel like it hurts the flow as an album and makes it seem like just a group of songs tossed together. Not sure if that makes any sense. Still, that minor issue aside, it's a great record.

lp vinyl cleaning
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