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How To Clean Faux Leather

how to clean faux leather
    faux leather
  • Simulated non-animal leather-like material, usually polyurethane.
  • Artificial leather is a fabric or finish intended to substitute for leather in fields such as upholstery, clothing and fabrics, and other uses where a leather-like finish is required but the actual material is cost-prohibitive or unsuitable.
  • Any synthetic material made to look like leather. Also known as "imitation leather"
    how to
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how to clean faux leather - Beadsmith Black
Beadsmith Black Faux Leather Suede Beading Cord 9Ft (3 Yd) Spool
Beadsmith Black Faux Leather Suede Beading Cord 9Ft (3 Yd) Spool
Beadsmith Faux Suede Cord. Light Pink Color. For Necklaces, Bracelets & Anklets. 1.4 x 3mm Diameter, 9 Feet Of Cord Per Pack (3 Yards). Soft faux suede cord with a velvet feel. Great for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. This cruelty-free leather alternative is available in a variety of colors. This "suede" is made from specially treated microfibers -- it will not crack or weather. Unlike leather, this cord has no discernible odor. This cord can be crimped with standard joining typed findings without breaking or tearing. Quantity: Each lot consists of 1 package of 9 feet (3 yards) of cord.

80% (12)
amy patchwork day bag
amy patchwork day bag
I designed this bag to compliment amy's fabrics. I figured since it is an inspiration contest, I should use her fabrics and put it on a new pattern that draws attention to her fabrics. This bag is inspired by 3 things: the sophia bag by amy butler, a japanese patchwork pattern, and a kate spade bag done in amy butler's fabrics. I started with the japanese patchwork, then sewed the Sophia bag and was completely enamoured with it so I adapted it to have the same clean lines and curves of the Sophia. But the bag was too wide open when you put it around your shoulder, I was afraid of pickpockets. I walked around Union Square looking at bags for a fix to the problem and saw a Kate Spade bag with zippered closure alike that conforming to a firm bodied bag and decided to add that feature to this bag. You can see version 1 of this bag in other pictures of my flickr account. The V-shape is deliberate, it accentuates the stripes in the patchwork, it is one of my favorite features of the patchwork bag. I made the handles myself out of the same fabric, it emulates a leather handle, i think the oval shaped base suits the V really well as well. there is actually a faux piece of leather stuck inside to give it a more natural leather shaping. There are 2 types of pockets on each side: one is a zippered pouch with placeholders for a blackberry, cellphone and 2 pens. The other is just a big pouch that is sewed in half, much like how the pockets on her Sophia and Frenchy bags are like but sewed in half.
Faux leather
Faux leather
I was playing with some key chains. They are faux leather made of polymer clay. I love the final look.

how to clean faux leather
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