Summit Upright Freezer

summit upright freezer
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summit upright freezer - Summit UF850L
Summit UF850L 8.5 Cubic Foot Counter Depth Upright Freezer With 5 Pull-Out Baskets
Summit UF850L 8.5 Cubic Foot Counter Depth Upright Freezer With 5 Pull-Out Baskets
Summits UF850L is a unique all-freezer with a full 6.4 cubic feet capacity in a conveniently slim 22 inch width. Perfectly sized for tight spaces, the upright UF850L has an all white exterior and easy-to-fit footprint. The reversible door includes a factory-installed lock for added security, mounted at the top for extra convenience. Inside, the UF850L uses a static manual defrost system for stabilized cooling. Slide-out drawers are set on open wire shelves, allowing even airflow and organized storage. The drawers have transparent plastic fronts that protect stored contents from constantly being exposed to room temperature when the door is opened. Additional features include a fast-freeze setting and high temperature light. Measures 21.5W x 22.25D x 56.79H inches.

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New Upright Bars on the Toei--"The Pregnancy Setup"
New Upright Bars on the Toei--"The Pregnancy Setup"
May 2, 2010--Chrissy's belly is getting bigger each day along with the baby, so she needed a more upright position on her Toei mixte for her daily commute. I installed a much shorter-necked stem and some flattish bars. I think it gives the bike a bit of Danish commuter bike look. She says it still handles quite well, but differently than her normal Nitto "noodle" drop bar setup. A basket has temporarily replaced her handlebar bag due to decaleur fitting issues with the stem change.
Antique, Rosewood Steinway Upright Piano at Besbrode Pianos Leeds
Antique, Rosewood Steinway Upright Piano  at Besbrode Pianos Leeds
Ref No 1537: A restored, 1877, Steinway upright piano with a polished, rosewood case and ornate fretwork at Besbrode Pianos Leeds. Photo taken by Sophie Pitcher, all rights reserved.

summit upright freezer
summit upright freezer
Summit Stainless Steel Upright Built In Freezer SCFF55LIMSSTB
Summit Stainless Steel Upright Built In Freezer SCFF55LIMSSTB. ETL-S Approved to ANSI-NSF Standard 7. Make the best use of space by installing your freezer under the counter and flush with other cabinets. Allows the freezer to be used as a freestanding model. Keep contents secure with a key lock on the door. Forget the plastic trays and enjoy the convenience of ready-made ice in your freezer. Let your appliance do the work with a timer defrost heater that continuously keeps ice from forming inside. Manage your food's temperature with ease and accuracy. Rearrange your freezer space to accommodate all shapes and sizes or remove shelves for a simple clean-up. Adjust the height for the perfect fit. An easy-to-clean flat liner accepts large trays. Pair any SCFF unit with an FF7BI refrigerator for the perfect side-by-side set. Environmentally friendly design without ozone-damaging chemicals. Units ending in SSTB, SSVH, and SSHH come with wrapped stainless steel doors for durable elegance. Choose CSS units for a complete stainless steel exterior. On stainless steel doors, choose a vertical towel bar handle or a horizontal handle. Models ending in FR and IF let you customize your front by inserting a panel on the door frame. Available on base models only. Available at AJ Madison. Capacity: 5.0 Cu. Ft.. Defrost: Frost-Free. Shelf Quantity: 3. Adjustable Shelf: Yes. Shelf Type: Wire. Thermostat Type: Dial. Fan Type: Exterior. Condensor Location: Rear Of Unit. 100% CFC Free: Yes. Factory Installed Ice Maker: Yes. Factory Installed Lock: Yes. Adjustable Height: Yes. Level Legs Quantity: 4. Parts/Labor Warranty: 1 Year. Compressor Warranty: 5 Years. Width: 23 3/4. Depth: 23 1/2. Height: 34 1/4. Shipping Weight: 114 Lbs.. Something For Everyone Today, SUMMIT carry over 600 models of specialty refrigerators and freezers, including the largest range of fully automatic defrost compacts available on the market. Additionally, their product line consists of ranges, m