Kitchen Aid 48 Refrigerator - Connect Refrigerator Water Line.

Kitchen Aid 48 Refrigerator

kitchen aid 48 refrigerator
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    kitchen aid
  • KitchenAid is a home appliance brand owned by Whirlpool Corporation. The company was started in 1919 by The Hobart Corporation to give restaurants a countertop alternative to their industrial sized mixers. The first model weighed 69 lbs. Each unit is still assembled by hand in Greenville, Ohio.
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A peek in my refrigerator, as requested. Some items of note are the selection of Ithaca Beer, the fresh blueberries I got from Mo yesterday, roasted red pepper hummus, fresh eggs, my sun tea jar, the plain yellow mustard Denise insists on, some outstanding ultra-sharp cheddar Lee brought back from LaReyesville, PA last week, and last night's pasta bolognese leftovers from Centini's in the paper bag.
Some people have asked, when looking around our kitchen for the milk, "Where is your refrigerator?" There it is. (But you might not find the milk there - that's a different story.)

kitchen aid 48 refrigerator