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Best Selling Refrigerator

best selling refrigerator
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best selling refrigerator - Whirlpool 4396508P
Whirlpool 4396508P KitchenAid Maytag Side-by-Side Refrigerator Water Filter, 2-Pack
Whirlpool 4396508P KitchenAid Maytag Side-by-Side Refrigerator Water Filter, 2-Pack
Make sure the water and ice from your refrigerator is as clean and fresh tasting as possible by replacing its water filter. This Whirlpool water filter is used in Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Maytag side-by-side refrigerators with quarter-turn filter access in the base grille.
Whirlpool 4396508
Effective filtering
It's NSF-certified to reduce particulates (class II), lead, mercury, and more. (The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by this water filter are not necessarily in all users' water.) While it effectively removes contaminants from your water and ice, this filter also lowers the taste and odor of chlorine while retaining beneficial fluoride.
Note that this water filter does not reduce the amount of cysts in your water.
For the highest quality water and ice, your refrigerator's water filter needs to be changed over a period of time as its effectiveness at cleaning the water is reduced. For optimal results, you should replace this refrigerator water filter every 6 months to ensure clean, safe drinking water and ice.
Your refrigerator will even remind you when to change its filter, turning on an indicator light found near the water dispenser. Changing the filter is easy--just locate the old filter, turn the filter one-quarter of a turn to remove and replace with the new filter.
This model (4396508) can be used to replace the following models of water filter:

Quarter turn filter
Replacing Your Water Filter
For side-by-side refrigerators with quarter-turn filter access in the base grille, follow these instructions for replacing your filter:
Rotate the cap counterclockwise to a vertical position, then pull.
Remove the filter cap by sliding it right or left. Set aside cap. Discard old filter.
Remove the packaging and O-ring covers from the new filter. Slide the filter cap back onto the end. Align the ridge on the filter with the ridge on the cap to make certain it is centered.
Hold the assembled cap and filter unit with the handle in the vertical position and push the new filter cartridge into the opening of the base grille until it stops. Rotate the cartridge cap clockwise to a horizontal position.
Flush the water system until a total of 3 gallons (12 L) has been dispensed.

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My own version
My own version
For the last month or so, I have been making my own popsicles :-) And I love them, if I say so myself! The problem was first locating a store that sells the popsicle molds. As it turns out, you have to look in baby stores to find any. Then, it does take up space in the freezer compartment of an average size refrigerator; I only make ten at a time. The fruit I use either comes in big cans, such as peaches and pears with light syrup, or -- the absolute best -- overripe mangoes when I can find them in the stores. If I have fresh fruit, I can add whatever I happen to have. I also like to add lime juice from concentrate, and pineapple juice without added sugar. For extra texture, I often grate one or two carrots in the mix that I run through a food processor; I have even added cooked beets, and intend to try jicama, too. The only flavoring I may add is real almond extract, coconut extract (very expensive and hard to find in the stores). Abslutely no sugar added -- and they are delicious! The best thing: the price... they average 10? a piece! In the picture are mango-carrot-pina colada (front), beet-orange-pineapple (the red, in the middle), and pear-almond-cream (back, left). Yes, sometimes I add some whole milk, or whipping cream. An 'aside': One day when it was very hot, I gave the apartment manager one of my mango popsicles. She mentioned how, when her children were little, she used to make them, too. And that only recently her husband had suggested that she could try doing it again for the six grandchildren she now has... She was thinking about it, and was planning to look for syrup in wholesale quantities. Why, oh why???? Why insist on feeding your babies sugar water, if you can buy a 29oz (822g) can of pears or peaches for $1.34, or 3 or 4 overripe mangoes for $1. That makes dozens of popsicles :-) >>>
Ain't No Refrigerator Big Enough
Ain't No Refrigerator Big Enough
The young invincible couple from McCall who bought the washer and dryer came back this evening to pick up the refrigerator. Man oh man was that a challenge but, once again, nothing would stop them. Eventually I will be able to articulate this seamless "thing" they managed to do together. Earlier this week, a best friend sold a little blue truck he had for eons. This was a momentous transition for him as the truck represented a lot of history. One way that he put it is that the thing about the truck is that its value lay in that it had no value. I could feel something like a gut wrench when the truck was driven away. For me this evening, the refrigerator standing impossibly tall in the bed of a little red truck, having made it between the front door jams literally by the width of a hair, gave me a similar gut wrench, my own signal of transition. I think it might have been easier if I didn't feel like I knew this bright can-do-anything two-person power team. Of whom did they remind me way back when? I think in sociology these sorts of interactions are described as occurring within the context of secondary relationships. That is, the sort of relationships one has with people who ring up your groceries at the cash register or take your order at a restaurant. Clearly, these are different from the relationships one has with family members or close friends. But there must be something in between without a name yet, or a name I am not aware of. A relationship that changes everything albeit transitory. I will not soon forget what these people said to me. At one point, because I was somewhat transfixed by the whole thing, I told them that they are an amazing team together and the young man said, "Well, we've been through a lot together."

best selling refrigerator
best selling refrigerator
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