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General Questions

What is AutoMW?

    AutoMW is an automation toolkit written by me, Chesko, for the purpose of adding new functionality to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.  It is written in AutoIt3, a popular Windows automation scripting language.

What does it do?

    AutoMW adds new features to Morrowind in the form of Modules. Right now, three modules are included with the install package: Auto-Trance, Auto-Quicksave, and Auto-Play.  It also provides a convenient Launcher, for access to popular utilities like Morrowind Graphics Extender, or your mod manager of choice (like Mopy).

How does it work?

    AutoMW works by manipulating Morrowind and other utilities from the outside.  It essentially acts on behalf of the user; pushes buttons, interacts with windows, etc.  For instance, Auto-Quicksave works by pushing the player's Quicksave button automatically, at pre-defined times and events (every x minutes, every time I change cells, etc).  However, it can do things that the user cannot, such as manipulate the Trance slider from MWE without Morrowind ever losing focus on the screen. This leads to things like Trance taking on many different functions depending on the player's actions.

    AutoMW can listen for data from Morrowind scripts via a pipe (provided by MWSE).  However, sending data from AutoMW to Morrowind has proven rather difficult and unreliable.  When that gets figured out, I'll update this page.

What does it require to run?

  1. You must have AutoIt3 installed. Download it here. Choose "Full Installation".  AutoMW was developed and tested on AutoIT3 v3.3.6.1.
  2. You must use Morrowind Script Extender (MWSE). Download it here.  Or, use the one internal to Morrowind Graphics Extender (make sure it's enabled).
  3. If you want to use Morrowind Enhanced (optional), you must use Morrowind Enhanced v1.6. Earlier versions have not been tested, are not supported, and probably won't work.
    Other than that, as long as your computer can run Morrowind, you can run AutoMW.  It is also highly suggested you use Morrowind Enhanced v1.6 to take advantage of the new combat features provided by Auto-Trance.

Are there any incompatibilities?

    AutoMW is incompatible with ACE_Subtitles, a mod that adds subtitles when Morrowind Enhanced combos are performed.  Disable this mod if you want Auto-Trance to work.

    Or, if you're comfortable editing scripts and would like to fix the problem:

    Open up ACE_Subtitles in the construction set (or MWEdit), locate the script that it runs, find this line:

        set MWE_LastCombo to 0

    and comment it out.  Voila! Now both should work fine.

I have to install AutoIt? Why?

    It's an annoyance, I know. However, for multiple reasons, it is unfeasible to offer AutoMW any other way.

    AutoIt scripts can be compiled into executable .exe files that do not require an installation of AutoIt3 to run.  If I had done that, AutoMW would never grow, and you'd just have to trust me that my application is safe. However, I decided I wanted to distribute AutoMW uncompiled and open source. This opens up the possibility for the modding community to write modules for AutoMW, and allows anyone to review the source code of both AutoMW core files and user-created modules as they are written. 

    AutoIt is (despite what others may tell you) a powerful scripting and programming language, and with that comes the possibility of malicious code. My first concern is user safety, and it's my hope that by keeping things open for review, malicious code masquerading as a AutoMW module will be called out and stop being distributed well before it has a chance to harm someone's PC. And yes, there is an "AutoMW.exe" file distributed with the package. I did that to give the user a familiar point of entry into the program, as clicking on an .au3 file might be confusing.  The truth is, you don't have to use it! Just grab AutoMW.au3 from the "AutoMW Data Files" directory, put it where the .exe is (one folder above "AutoMW Data FIles"), and use that instead. It's the same thing.

    I hope the benefits and features provided by AutoMW overshadows the inconvenience of installing AutoIt. 

What programs and utilities are managed by AutoMW?

    AutoMW will automatically start the following utilities along with Morrowind at launch time (if configured):
  • Morrowind Enhanced v1.6 (older versions unsupported)
  • MWSE
  • Morrowind FPS Optimizer
    As of this writing, the only utility that AutoMW will configure at launch time is Morrowind Enhanced. Other utilities must be configured ahead of time.

    An option is available in the Config to use MGE's internal version of MWSE instead of the standalone application.

    Along with these, AutoMW's Launcher has buttons that can be configured as shortcuts to Morrowind Graphics Extender (MGE or MGE XE) and a Mod Manager (i.e. Mopy).

Will AutoMW work with the Steam/CD version of Morrowind?

    AutoMW will work with any version of Morrowind. I personally use the Steam version.

Will AutoMW work on Windows XP/Vista/7?


Does AutoMW support MGE XE (by Hrnchamd)?


Where is the source code?

    Every .au3 file that comprises AutoMW can be opened by any text editor.  The "AutoMW.exe" file is a compiled version of the "AutoMW.au3" file located in "AutoMW Data Files".  In fact, they can be used interchangably.

What is a Module?

    A module can be thought of like a plug-in for Morrowind; it is a collection of scripts that will run when Morrowind starts. They each provide a discrete piece of new functionality.  Unlike .ESP plugins, however, they run externally to Morrowind, and act on Morrowind (and other programs) from the outside. They can be enabled and disabled at will, just like .ESP's and .ESM's. Modules are not dependent on each other, so one should not affect the behavior of the rest.

What is a Service?

    A service is essentially a module, but with a twist; it cannot be disabled or uninstalled.  These will generally be written and distributed by me in new versions of AutoMW. They generally provide information to other AutoMW scripts (and, eventually, directly to Morrowind itself), and are used for dependency reasons.  Example: both Auto-Trance and Auto-Quicksave need to know if the player is in combat. A single service, Combat State Monitor, provides that data.  If Combat State Monitoring were incorporated into, say, Auto-Trance, now Auto-Quicksave depends on Auto-Trance, and we can't have that.

    Currently, there are two services in AutoMW: Combat State Monitor, and Combat Ready Monitor, the latter providing "is PC's weapon/spell readied" information.

    Is there something you think would make for a useful service for the next version of AutoMW? Let me know.

Do I have to use Morrowind Enhanced with AutoMW?

    Absolutely not!  Auto-Quicksave and Auto-Play do not require MWE.  Just say "No" when asked if you would like to use MWE during the Setup Wizard.


I'm getting the error "Windows cannot open this file: AutoMW Launcher.au3" when I click on AutoMW.exe.

    You didn't install AutoIt3, which is required. Download it here. Choose "Full Installation".  AutoMW was developed and tested on AutoIT3 v3.3.6.1.

My screen is flickering and / or I see red boxes on the ground everywhere.

MWSE is not running.  Please use the MWSE Launcher, or ensure that the internal version of MWSE in MGE is enabled.

A module is causing my game to behave strangely.

    Navigate to "/AutoMW Data Files/Modules", open the folder corresponding to the module, and send me any files ending in .log along with a detailed description of what you're experiencing, and I'll see if I can help. I work and go to college full-time most times of the year, so please be patient if I don't get back to you immediately. You can always disable that module until in AutoMW Config until the issue gets resolved.

Auto-Trance does not work.

    See incompatibilities. 

    Ensure that you are using Morrowind Enhanced v1.6.  Older versions are not supported and will not work.

    If these suggestions fail, see below.

A module is not working at all.

    A few things to check:
  1. Is it enabled?  Check AutoMW Config and make sure the module in question is checked.
  2. Is it configured the way you like? Open AutoMW Config, click "Show Module Settings", and make sure the module is set up to your liking.
  3. (For MWE modules) Are you using Morrowind Enhanced v1.6? Earlier versions are not supported.
  4. Are you using MWSE? MWSE is required.
  5. Still no dice? Contact me.

Module Authoring

I'm interested in writing a module for AutoMW. Where do I start?

    Please check out the Module Authoring page. I'd also enjoy hearing from you.

Can I compile my module .au3's into .exe's?

    No. No compiled code should ever be distributed as a module, for the reasons already listed above. Not to mention, AutoMW will refuse to launch an executable in the scriptlist.  Just don't do it.

What prior knowledge do I need to start writing AutoMW modules?

    You need a working knowledge of AutoIt, the language AutoMW is written in.  I cannot help you with this, but AutoIt's online documentation is very helpful and thorough. It won't take you long to pick up, especially if you're used to another programming language (or even .ESP scripting).  Beyond that, see the Module Authoring page.