Tyger wheel and tyre branches. Tyger wheel and tyre centurion. Kal tire vancouver main street.

Tyger Wheel And Tyre Branches

tyger wheel and tyre branches
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Ferrys wheel, slaughter and Gagarin
Ferrys wheel, slaughter and Gagarin
(Select the large view) I took this picture while travelling back from Lake Sevan to Yerevan. I saw the abandoned Ferrys wheel and liked it, so I quickly fetched my camera and shot. When I got home and took a look at the picture I realised there was much more to the image than the wheel. All along the road to Lake Sevan I had been watching the same scene by the road. A group of men slaughtering goats/sheep and hanging them to be peeled off. I don't know if they wanted to sell them or it was a special date/ritual. While taking the picture, the taxi driver said that the town in the background was called Gagarin during the soviet times, then the name was reverted to its original form. I think it all makes for a quite "special" composition (even if found as an objet trouve by mere chance).
Big Wheel #2
Big Wheel #2
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tyger wheel and tyre branches
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