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Fountain Tire Winnipeg

fountain tire winnipeg
    fountain tire
  • Fountain Tire provides tire and automotive services to the general consumer and the commercial, farming, and mining industries. The company employs licensed technicians to service automotive needs ranging from tire services and brakes, to shocks and transmissions.
  • A city in southern central Canada, the capital of the province of Manitoba, at the confluence of the Assiniboine and Red rivers, south of Lake Winnipeg; pop. 616,790
  • the capital and largest city of Manitoba; located in southern Manitoba; known for severe winters
  • a lake in southern Canada in Manitoba
  • Winnipeg was a federal electoral district in Manitoba, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1882 to 1917.

Fountain Tire
Fountain Tire
Fountain Tire on Portage. Nobody is sitting in the truck -- I checked. I've noticed during my urban photography that people like to sit in their vehicles in parking lots. So if there are some parked vehicles nearby, I always look to see if anyone is sitting there, watching, before I take any pics. (I'm funny like that.) Superia 800 film, Planar 50/1.4.
Fountain Tire Business Sessions: Staging
Fountain Tire Business Sessions: Staging
Taken during the business sessions on Friday. Some skits were set in Fountain Tire stores, and we used the larger centre screen as much as possible to support them.

fountain tire winnipeg
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