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Dunlop Slick Tyres

dunlop slick tyres
    slick tyres
  • A slick tyre (also known as a "racing slick") is a type of tyre that has no tread pattern, used mostly in auto racing. The first production "slick tyre" was developed by a company called M&H Tires in the early 1950s. It was a drag racing slick.
  • (Slick tyre) In recent seasons the Formula One cars have been using ‘grooved’ tyres, however for most of the modern era of Formula One the slick tyre was used for optimum grip in dry conditions. A slick is made using very soft rubber and has no tread on its surface to promote maximum possible grip.
  • Dunlop is a mild cheese or 'sweet-milk cheese' from Dunlop in East Ayrshire, Scotland.MacIntosh, John (1894). Ayrshire Nights Entertainments: A Descriptive Guide to the History, Traditions, Antiquities, etc. of the County of Ayr. Pub. Kilmarnock. P. 265.
  • John Boyd (1840–1921), Scottish inventor. He developed the first successful pneumatic bicycle tire in 1888
  • Dunlop was originally a brand of tyre produced by the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company at the end of the 19th century, taking its name from John Dunlop. The brand is now used for many other products either derived from rubber or with a looser connection to rubber.
  • Dunlop as a surname may refer to: * Andy Dunlop (born 1972), Scottish guitarist * Bill Dunlop (born 1963), Canadian boxer * Brian Dunlop (born 1938), Australian artist * Charles Dunlop (1870–1911), Scottish cricketer who played for Somerset * Colin Dunlop (1897 – 1968), Dean of Lincoln, Bishop

Dunlop Great & British: CSL Cup
Dunlop Great & British: CSL Cup
Oulton Park 2010: The BMW CSL Cup, racing as part of the Dunlop Great & British Festival. The CSL Cup is the UKs’ only dedicated BMW M3 race series running on slick tyres, it has separate class for E36, E46 and E92 cars.
Dunlop Tyres
Dunlop Tyres
Taken at BTTC event at Silverstone in 2006 Slick Tyres

dunlop slick tyres
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