Repair Your Phone

repair your phone
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repair your phone - Front Glass
Front Glass / Digitizer Replacement for Apple iPhone 4G
Front Glass / Digitizer Replacement for Apple iPhone 4G
NEW! Replacement Front Glass and Digitizer for Apple Iphone 4G

*100% Brand New
* High Quality Replacement Touch Screen Digitizer for iphone 4G
*Each screen is tested before shipping and 100% working.
*High-Sensitivity Touch Screen Best replacement for your faulty touch screen, touch function problems, or cracked screens.
*Save your phone and money by using these parts.

NOTE: Please make sure you can separate the TOUCH DIGITIZER from the LCD SCREEN before your purchase as this item only includes the digitizer -- LCD display screen is NOT included.

Condition & Warranty
*This product is 100% BRAND NEW!
*This package includes the following warranty:
#Warranty Length: This product comes with 1 YEAR warranty by SELLER.
#Coverage: This warranty covers repair or replacement of defective product.

Package Contents: 1x iPhone 4G Touch Digitizer Panel (LCD Screen NOT Included)

83% (9)
Phoneboat Slide Cell phone tripod mount and stand Mobile Repair Light
Phoneboat Slide Cell phone tripod mount and stand Mobile Repair Light
Universal cell phone tripod mount and stand kickstand. Use it with a tripod or on its own. It is a must have phone accessory that you can enjoy and use with your phone and friend's phones since phones from 1/4" up to 3/4" fit. Use with a phone cover, jacket, bumper, case or without one. It is an incredibly versatile mount and stand you will love! Check out for more info!
Water damage repair
Water damage repair
Your smartphone repair specialists. We specializes in repairing screens, cables, chargers, GSM phone unlocking, data recovery and more. Free estimates and 90-day warranty on repairs.

repair your phone