Selected papers will be invited to be included in the the AutoML 2016 Proceedings, as part of the JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings. These will be published on the JMLR Website and authors retain copyright of their work. 

We ask authors to submit an updated version of their original papers including feedback from the reviewers and workshop participants. These updated papers will go through a final round of re-reviewing by the same reviewers.

Dual submissionAutoML is a workshop that aims to include the latest interesting work in the area, and as such, we welcome work that has been or will be submitted elsewhere in the future. If you do submit elsewhere, please check the dual submission policy of the venue you are submitting to, keeping in mind that the JMLR proceedings are archival workshop proceedings. Also, please include a reference from at least one of the papers to the other (e.g., "an extended version of this paper is under review at X" in the AutoML paper, or "a preliminary version of this paper appeared in the AutoML 2016 proceedings" in future publications). With the JMLR proceedings we mean to provide additional visibility (and impact) to your work, and combine the state-of-the-art in a nice volume. We hope that you will take this opportunity to present your work in the best possible way, and foster future research in automating machine learning.

Formatting: As in the original submission, the paper must be formatted in the JMLR Workshop and Proceedings format, using the LaTeX JMLR class, which is available on CTAN: install, either use your package/LaTeX package manager, or download the complete archive, run LaTeX on jmlr.ins and copy the produced jmlr.cls to the directory with the sources of your paper.

Page limit and supplementary materials: The original page limit was 6 pages in the JMLR Proceedings format. For the proceedings you are allowed to extend your paper to 8 pages to include additional valuable material, but you are by no means required to extend your paper. This page limit does not include the list of references. The paper should be submitted as a PDF. Any supplementary material (e.g. proofs or additional information necessary to reproduce the results) should be added as a separate file with the suffix '-supp'. Hence, if your original paper is stored as author16.pdf, the supplementary material must be added as author16-supp.pdf

Reviewer response: Please provide a file detailing how you updated your paper in response to the reviewer comments, or any other important changes made over the original submission. Include this file as a PDF with the suffix '-changes', i.e. author16-changes.pdf

Publication permission: Please fill out and sign the publication permission. This only grants us permission to publish your work in the proceedings; you retain all copyright. Please scan the signed document and submit it as a file with the same name as the paper, but with the suffix 'Permission'. Hence, if your original paper is stored as author16.pdf, the publication permission must be added as author16Permission.pdf

Submission: Please include all necessary files in a .zip archive, rename it to a .pdf file, and submit it as an update to your original contribution on EasyChair

Important Dates
  • Submission deadline: 30 September 2016, UTC-12 (30 September anywhere in the world)
  • Notification of acceptance: 17 October 2016

For any further questions, please contact