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  • (Oscar (1967 movie)) Oscar is a French comedy of errors movie from 1967, directed by Edouard Molinaro and starring Louis de Funes.
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Today is our 6 month anniversary of adopting Oscar!
Today is our 6 month anniversary of adopting Oscar!
I know I've uploaded a trillion pictures of him, more so than dollies lately but I love him :) So what have we learnt about Oscar in the last 6 months: He's nosy. He likes to look out windows and watch the world go by He knows what look means. Say look and he'll run to the window and check out what's going on He's stubborn He's disobedient, unless you have food in your hand He's a runner. I have a story from last night about that He loves going for rides in the car and loves the wind in his face He loves going for walks, particularly to the park He doesn't like baths. He's good though and just stands there and looks miserable, but doesn't try and jump out the bath He's a sookie boy (have we made him that way??). Last time we dropped him at my MILs on a stormy day, he cried when we walked out the door. He hates it when we go to work. He’s pretty smart and knows the time in the morning when he’s about to be put outside. So when you get close to him he’ll run away from you. It’s quite amusing when he runs to the sliding door to ‘hide’ behind the curtain. He's quick to pick up routines. I've been putting him on the bed in the mornings when I have a shower. I didn't do it this morning and he stood at the bedroom door and looked at me and then looked at the bed, expecting me to pick him and put him on there. He’s used to the camera now. He hated it when I first tried to take pictures. Though he still does turn away from me, I think just to annoy me ? He’s not sure of himself around other dogs. He got scared at the off leash park at the weekend. He’s overprotective (possessive?) of us. If dogs come right up to us, he snaps at them. He loves his pats He’s our shadow. Follows us around from room to room most of the time. He doesn’t have to follow you right into the room, but he likes to have you in his sight. He likes to be in the bathroom in the morning when we’re getting ready, as you can see from these pictures. Sometimes he does wander off to go lie in there. I think he used to live in a place with carpet. We don’t have carpet in the house, I think the bathmat is nice and soft for him and that’s why he likes it. He’s a sweet boy and loves it when we have visitors to the house. He gets very excited and runs up to us as if to say "look who's here" He's a messy (picky? clever?) eater - if you put meat in his bowl and then cover it up with biscuits, he'll pick up the biscuits, spit them out on the ground until he can get to the meat. I’m so glad I found Oscar online and that he was still at the pound a few days later when we went to look at him. There are so many dogs that need a loving home, if you’re looking for a pooch, I encourage people to rescue a dog from the pound, and not support pet shops and backyard breeders.
11 Natalie Portman
11 Natalie Portman
When the red-band trailer forYour Highness, featuring Natalie Portman’s bare butt in a skimpier-than-thou bikini, debuted online, the Medieval stoner comedy (also starring James Franco and Danny McBride) instantly became our most anticipated film of 2011. Over the years, we’ve watched the staggeringly beautiful Portman mature from an intergalactic space queen into one of Hollywood’s most talented dramatic actresses, an arc that will reach its apex when Portman walks away with this year’s Best Actress Oscar for her shattering performance in the ballet thriller Black Swan (she's already won this year's Golden Globe Award for Best Actress). But don’t think that means the Harvard graduate will start taking herself too seriously. Not only is she starring in next summer’s superhero epic Thor, but Portman’s currently shopping a script she wrote called BYO, which is being described as a female version of Superbad, in which Portman and a female co-star will get drunk and hook up with dudes. Um, we’re, like, so there.

watch the oscars online
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