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Watch All American Dad Episodes

watch all american dad episodes
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June 9, 2010
June 9, 2010
Last day of exams/school! I didn't go in for my 5th period (math), so Tyler picked me up around 9:30 and took me to my 6th which is American Government. We took it on computers, and through the window to the library we could here the movie UP playing, which I have never seen. I had to return my math book, and since we couldn't go back into the building, I had to exit then come back in the main way. I took it to guidance, they told me to take it to admin B, they told me to take it to admin A, they told me to take it to admin B or the teacher. So I walked across the school to give it to my teacher, and her room was locked, so I walked all the way back to admin B. Then they finally took it. Tyler picked me up, we came home, went out to blockbuster, then watched a few prerecorded episodes of family guy that I had on my tv. He was hungry, and we have nothing in our house for a normal person to eat. So he went out to Five Guys, picked me up some lemonade from Target, and got me some chick-chick-chick-nuggets. When I opened the door for him when he got back, he pulled flowers from behind his back :} <3 It was the sweetest. When he went back outside, I stole a bite from his burger, wrapped it up, and put it back in the bag. He came back in, grabbed his bag, came in the living room, and pulled out the sandwich. He started to get pissed off, because it was half wrapped and a bite was missing, so he thought the people at five guys did it. It was so funny, because he didn't suspect me. Then he figured it out. We watched some more Family Guy. Afterwards, around 9 something, we went to his house to watch UP, because I don't have a bluray player. It was the most sweet and hilarious movie ever, I completely loved it. Right after that, we watched the new episode of Tosh.o, and I have to say, it was a little disappointing. Then he drove me home, and I got there around 12. I didn't stay the night because I had to get up at 6 for a doctors appointment. Oh, and this picture: I'm cheating again, this is one that I took in Orlando. My dad and I were waiting in the car at Walmart while my aunt and uncle went inside to get groceries.
Dad, Suspicious
Dad, Suspicious
It all depends on his mood. Sometimes I aim the camera at him and he stands up straight, puffs out his chest and smiles wide. Then, times like this, he's suspicious of the camera, as if he can't quite figure out who this man is with this contraption in his hands pointed at him. I was walking back from the auto shop, called my dad just to see if he'd watched the latest episode of The Wire, and we ended up in a discussion of the euro-centricity of modern psychology. Which was weird. But cool. I guess I never expected to have a conversation like that with my father, but here he is, taking classes, getting his license to be a drug counselor, and all the sudden we're talking about Piaget and Jung and neuroses and how the crack epidemic was created by the american government. wait. what? Okay, so sometimes I look at him just like he's looking at me in this pic, like he's from another planet. but he's still awesome.

watch all american dad episodes
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