The purpose of this project was to design and fabricate an automated beverage dispenser capable of quickly and precisely mixing drinks composed of specified parts. Ultimately, the goal was not only to formulate a simple, reliable, and inexpensive method of making proper drinks, but also to engineer a user-friendly mechanism that promotes the art of mixology by allowing for the creation of many different mixtures.

Applications and Marketability
In the bar setting, such a vending machine-like device can increase productivity by aiding human bartenders prepare drinks on especially busy nights. Furthermore, implementation of the Automatic Bartender can benefit consumers by removing the obligatory tip associated with buying drinks from a human bartender.

More importantly however, because of its simple, compact, and low-maintenance design, the Automatic Bartender would be very effective in the private setting, where it can serve perfectly proportioned drinks to those lacking mixing skills because of either inexperience or inebriation.