Tube Chassis Pro Drag Beetle





Full chromoly drag chassis for VW Beetle.

Car is set up for Mendeola Drag race gearbox and Turbo charged, intercooled, EFI, Pauter flat four.


One piece steel floor welded in place.


Steering column.


All tubes TIG welded for maximum strength.


Funny car cage.

Custom aluminium interior under construction.


Access for chargecooler.



Aluminium dash before and after bead rolling.


Front end panels under construction.


Removable 1/4 panel for oil tank access.


one off Window net made for us to template to ensure prefect fit.

Custom Pedal/Master Cylinder Mount Box.

Final mock up. 

Completed chassis in paint.

Interior back from powder coating and fitted for the final time.






On it's way home with it's happy owners.