1956 Oval Beetle. 


This car is in for a major rebuild.

We will be fitting CSP porsche pattern disc conversion front and rear (top quality, highly recomended kits!), narrowed front suspension, full street rollcage, 6-12 volt conversion, harness mounting points, Removable rear valence, carb/sparkplug access panels ETC, as well as prepping the car for the road and MOT.

The engine will also be rebuilt, it is a badly built 2165cc normally aspirated motor at present, never run but with lots of faults, it will be stripped and rebuilt properly complete with the very latest CB Performance Turbo/EFI kit.

Rear cage design allows stock interior to be used.


Dash bar kicked forward to allow room for accessory starter switch/gauges.

Extra tubes added to tie in frame horns.

Carb/sparkplug access holes.

Access hole covers fitted in place, temporary fasteners will be replaced with Dzus fasteners.

Engine mocked up to ensure everything fits perfectly prior to stripping for paint and final build.