Auto-guarded  Level Crossing

As train tracks have to cross road ways at certain junctions, it is obvious that there are many railway crossings in its way. Some important crossings are manned and guided but many are unmanned crossings. These unmanned crossings pose a greater threat to public commuting this path. It is quite normal that people when in hurry do not want to wait until train had passed its way at this crossing unless it is a manned crossing where gates are closed manually and everybody is forced to wait until train has passed away.


Even at these manned crossing, a manual error may result in fatal accident which is often the case in many accidents. So, a manned crossing is also not very safe if the person operating it is negligent. It is time that we strive for innovation that is useful to humanity in some aspect. Auto-Guarded Level Crossing is one such bright idea.

 This system makes use of magnets and some electronic circuitry that helps in building a fool proof alarming system for guarding every railway crossing be it manned or unmanned. Magnetic sensors, magnets and circuit connected to buzzer is what is necessary for this project and this can help prevent many accidents and casualties at railway crossings.


Auto Guarded Level Crossing

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