About Us

If you have any problems or want more features to be added, send an email to the developer at autolatex@gmail.com.

This add-on was created by Aayush Gupta, a student at Saratoga High School. He managed all aspects of development, marketing, and branding. He currently updates it to meet the latest standards and supports questions and feedback.

This add-on was originally created to combine the unique features of Google Docs with the elegant mathematics of LaTeX. The need was for expedited, real-time, and collaborative note-taking on mathematics, a feature that could not be found online. However, soon the add-on would morph into something far more powerful, with many diverse applications. It can be used by teachers to promote problem-solving and studying of students. It can be used as a segue into learning the delicate art of LaTeX itself, with a simple introduction into mathematical formulas before the complicated syntax needed to form a whole document.