Permissions Explained

To get this add-on, simply go to On the page, click +free at the top. Accept permissions, then follow the pop-up for instructions to use it in any Google Doc. For information about the advantages this add-on has compared to other add-ons, check out the description at the link above and the feature comparison at our Facebook page:

Permissions Explained:

Permissions always look scary. Here is a clear list of the permissions needed, and the reasons why. Data is never shared with me or any other third party.

View and manage your documents in Google Drive - The application needs to be able to search the documents for equations, then edit the documents by inserting the LaTeX.

View and manage data associated with the application - Each user has preferences (for instance, the size setting that you selected), and these need to stay between closing/opening the sidebar. Note that this data is strictly local and never transmitted or uploaded.

Allow this application to run when you are not present - Once the "Render Equations" button is clicked, the application needs time to retrieve equations, render them, download them, then place them in the document. This permission only says that when you switch to another tab, the processes can still run in the background.

Connect to an external service - The application needs to fetch images from CodeCogs/TeXRendr.