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Zebra Hide Rugs

zebra hide rugs
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zebra hide rugs - Original Black
Original Black Striped Stenciled Zebra Cowhide Rug
Original Black Striped Stenciled Zebra Cowhide Rug
The picture is only to be used as a guide. Since no two hides are the same, please expect some differences between this picture and the hide we will be sending. This "stenciled" animal print cowhide comes from Brazil, the country that unquestionably produces the finest quality cowhides in the world. The leather of each one of our cowhides is very supple and soft, unlike so many other cowhides on the market today that can actually be quite stiff. In addition, our manufacturers do not use any of the harsh tanning solutions that can produce the unpleasant smell that many other cowhide products commonly have. Please understand that all cowhides are not created equal. There is a vast difference in softness, quality and color between factories. Our cowhides are at least as nice, and probably nicer than the hides at the very best retail stores selling for up to $600. We buy 100's of hides each month and import directly from the best tanneries in South America. Almost all of the hides used in South America for animal prints, whether they are white for zebras or brown for the other styles, will have the normal amount of shading, speckling and patching that 97% of all cowhides have. In other words cowhides will have the same type of natural markings and imperfections that all animal skins have. Only about 3% of hides are what we call "pure in color" meaning that they do not have nearly as much of this normal shading, speckling or patching. Rarely will you see these "pure in color" hides, even when you are spending $600 and up for a hide at an exclusive furniture store. They simply are too rare.

77% (19)
Bottom: 19th Century Natural History
Bottom: 19th Century Natural History
The bottom window follows the one above it in including actual "specimens" for the study of "Natural Philosophy" or Natural history. In addition to a tiny little zebra hide rug on the shelf floor, here are three species of birds (one even has the scientific "pin") and a bird nest; it also includes two vials, one containing a mink penis bone, the other shiny insect wings. There's a cork map of S. America and the piece de resistance, a muskrat skull. The walls are adorned with pictures of 19th century botanical drawings and portraits in frames and lockets.
06 Jan 2006, St. Croix, Virgin Islands, USA --- Built-in Cabinets in Study --- Image by © Dan Forer/Beateworks/Corbis

zebra hide rugs
zebra hide rugs
Cow Hide Rug - Baby Zebra Print
Cow Hide Rug - Baby Zebra Print Our baby zebra print cowhide rug is much like the zebra print cowhide rug except that the pattern is slightly different. These baby zebras have a much more complex pattern giving it an even more exotic look. Soft and supple, yet very durable, our Brazilian cow hides are of the highest quality. Professionally tanned to give you that radiant color and design to go along with a very thick, yet soft leather. These hides make great area rugs, unique throws for the couch, or decorative wall hangings.Measurements:Large: 7 ft. x 5 ft.NOTE: Each cowhide is unique. No two are exactly the same. Please allow for slight differences in the pattern or color.

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