Auto Feed Photo Scanners

auto feed photo scanners
    photo scanners
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auto feed photo scanners - PS-A60 Black
PS-A60 Black 3-in-1 A6 Size Paper/ Photo/ Name Card Scanner
PS-A60 Black 3-in-1 A6 Size Paper/ Photo/ Name Card Scanner
This PS-A60 Combo Scanner is Capable of scanning photographs, documents and business cards up to A6 size with or without computer assistance, this scanner really does make a welcome addition to any home or office. Small in size but big in power you can scan your print in 5 seconds just by following the simple instructions. You are able to scan your images directly onto a memory card or you can attach the scanner via the included USB cord and transfer them from the memory card to your computer, you have the ability to chose whatever option is best for you. This package includes a variety of extras to make sure you get the best possible scan from the calibration card to the anti-curl sheath to the sensor cleaning swab. A great tool for business as it allows you to scan name cards for a more organized and accessible database that can easily be shared and edited

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This is why Kodachrome existed.
This is why Kodachrome existed.
Best viewed in Slide Show mode. A sunny summer day on the coast of Maine can be so excruciatingly beautiful it almost hurts to view it. It is for these scenes that Kodachrome slide film was invented. It just doesn't get any better than this. On this day in July of 1981, my Sweetie and I had taken a row boat over to a little uninhabited island just off Vinalhaven, Maine. [Scanned in from Kodachrome slide with Epson Perfection 4490 Photo scanner.]
164/365 6/13/2010: Scanning...
164/365  6/13/2010: Scanning...
Today, Mr. P wanted to begin the huge task of scanning old family photos. No sooner did we get started, that the photo scanner decided to stop working. Mr. P said it probably knew what we had in store for it and decided to go on strike! The photo in the holder is me at 5 years old, standing up as a flower girl in a family friend's wedding.

auto feed photo scanners
auto feed photo scanners
Epson WorkForce GT-1500 B11B190011 Document Imaging Scanner (White)
Get superior image quality and enhanced productivity from the WorkForce GT-1500 color document imaging scanner. This easy-to-use scanner offers the versatility you need to electronically archive important documents or share records with your workgroup. And, with 1200 x 2400 dpi resolution, it delivers truly amazing quality, so you can capture every detail ? all with easy, one-touch scanning. This powerful performer makes it easy to scan stacks of records, applications and forms. Use the high-capacity Automatic Document Feeder to quickly scan a variety of sizes up to 8.5x14. The WorkForce GT-1500 speeds through scans up to 20 pages per minute, giving you more time to tackle other tasks. And, it not only offers greater productivity, it ensures more efficient operation. With innovative ReadyScanTM LED technology, there?s no warmup time required. Best of all, this LED technology does not include any mercury, and it reduces power consumption. The smart choice for all your document imaging needs, the WorkForce GT-1500 includes a powerful software package. ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus OCR allows you to create editable text from scans, while ScanSoft PaperPort makes it easy to organize all your documents. Use Epson Scan to create multi-page PDFs, or to copy or send scans as e-mail attachments. It?s all right at your fingertips with the WorkForce GT-1500, a powerful performer available at an amazing value.