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Setting up a Revit MEP Project

NOTE: This is a work in progress...
If you are just starting to work on your first Revit MEP Project the data here should help provide some direction on how others are setting up their projects today. You will need to evaluate how well each of these will actually work with your team before taking them as "the only way" to work, as there may be unique circumstances facing your particular project / team that would make some steps here not applicable.
The contents of these pages on setting up an MEP project were worked on by a small group of Revit MEP users that the design team uses to do research on Revit MEP. The credit for the contents of these pages goes to that group (I won't dare post names without permission, but if they would like they can certainly let me know;-), I simply published the information.
There was a great deal of agreement about how thing are done early in the project setup, but there were two very different fields of though on the set up of views and sheets. I've attempted to document these two different concepts in the outline below, but it should be stated, that in some cases a combination of the two may be required to get what you want.

The two "methods" described above provide slightly different results and it is up to you to decide which method works the best. For lack of better terminology let's call the method on the left the "re-use" method and the method on the right the "from scratch" method. The re-use method is generally less work on each project, but will likely take a bit more thought when designing your firm's template(s), and may not be as versatile as the from scratch method. It is also quite likely that the re-use method will require some points of the from scratch method, at least on some projects and depending on how well you templates are set up.