Autodesk 3dsMax tutorial by Saud-Vehicle-Simulation

Autodesk 3dsMax Tutorial

Requirements: 3DS Max (v 6.0 or higher recommended)
  3DS Max 7 or higher is required for using files provided for download
  Basic knowledge of working in Max
Special Notes: I used 3DS Max 7(in 1024x768 res.)
  I leave space b/w text lines because it make reading easy
Tutorial Type: Basic

Techniques you'll learn:

How to Animate vehicle in 3ds Max's reactor.


Its really fun to play with a car in i thought why not i share the fun with others.

Believe that its quite simple to accomplish,but very can smash the cars,create a race scene,drive em on rough terrain etc.

before we begin you should download a vehicle model or you can use your own.I was thinking to use a box with cylinders but it looks stupid..

so I am using a cool looking Subaru Forester modeled by Mr. Ali Ismail,I cannot provide the file download here ( unless I get permission)

but you can visit Ali Ismail's page on turbosquid website. or you can search for other models.

Lets get started..

For simulating a vehicle in reactor we need four wheels and body (chassis)

Start 3ds Max and load the Model you downloaded..(I assume that you're using the forester model).

Whole vehicle is grouped so first we have to open the closed group,select the vehicle and click on Group > Ungroup in the menu bar.

Press H or click on
Select by name should have object list like this

You can freeze the interior object because we don't need it, but first you have to link it the exterior so that it move with the Nbody.

Select Ninterior and on the main toolbar click
Press H and Pick the Nbody,right click to exit the linking mode.Press H again

and enable Display Subtree Ninterior should appear under the Nbody.Select Ninterior and right-click and select "Freeze Selection"

In the "Create Panel" click on "Helpers" drop-down the list and select "reactor".Create a RBCollection,click in a view port to place its icon and right click to exit

the creation mood and select the icon and add 4 wheels object and Nbody to the rbcollection.

Adding Ground.

We need a ground object for the vehicle to drive on...In the top view port create a Plane object Length=3000 Width=500 Length segments=50 Width segments=10.

Move the Plane so it beneath the Vehicle.

We are using a off-road SUV therefore we apply a noise modifier to make a bumpy road.Select the Plane object and apply the noise

modifier, set it X and Y strength = 0 and Z = 15. Select the RBCollection icon,add the Plane object in the RBCollection List.

Defining the weights.

Define the mass or weight of the objects it the scene.Scroll down in the reactor toolbar and click on the property editor icon
 or in the

utilities panel (hammer icon) click on the reactor button and expand the Properties rollout.

Select the Nbody make it 100 Kg (or whatever you like) select the wheel one by one and set 5 kg for each wheel.

For the Plane object check the Unyielding option which makes it unmovable in the simulation,you can tweak the friction value later.


Adding a reactor

On the reactor toolbar click on the toycar 
icon or on the menu bar click reactor>Create Object > toy car .

toycar icon appear on the screen,select it ,on the modify panel expand the toycar Properties rollout ,click <none> button next to Chassis and select Nbody,

for the wheels click the pick button select all four wheels, use Select by Name

Scroll down little bit and enable the 
option.This make reactor to ignore the wheels and chassis collisions.

Try you car,click on Preview Animation 
on the reactor toolbar.You vehicle should fall and settle on the Plane after some bouncing .Experiment with the Suspension

value according to you model , start with lower values.I am using 0.09.

Use P key to start/pause simulation and R to restart or reset.

The vehicle is bouncing too much so we have to set it on the ground instead of falling down.

Start animation wait until the vehicle stop bouncing ,pause the simulation and click on menu bar > Max > Update Max.

it will update the vehicle position in the viewport,(if the interior object appear outside the body its mean you skipped the link it to the body step.

  Spinning the wheels.

In this last step you can make your vehicle move by spinning the wheels.In the toycar properties (scroll down) and enable Spin Wheels.experiment with the

two values.

Preview the animation,you should see a SUV moving on a slight bumpy terrain.(if your vehicle fall into space,try increasing the width of the Plane)

You can create a Target Camera, link its target to the vehicle, and increase the length of the movie by clicking on 
Time Configuration.Render the movie. etc.

The End


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