Autodesk-3dsMax-Tutorial by Saud-Animate Speaker using audiocontroller in 3ds Max

Autodesk 3dsMax Tutorial

Requirements: 3DS Max (v 6.0 or higher recommended)
  3DS Max 7 or higher is required for using files provided for download
  Basic knowledge of working in Max
Special Notes: I used 3DS Max 7(in 1024x768 res.)
  I leave space b/w text lines because it make reading easy
Tutorial Type: Basic

Techniques you'll learn:

How to animate objects by using the Audio Controller in Autodesk 3ds Max.


Hello there, in this tutorial we use a sound clip to animate an objects position.Actually we are simulating a hi-fi speakers

that vibrates according to the sound.

Let's Get Started:

This tutorial split into two parts,the quick start where you can download the completed file and apply the AudioController

or you read the modeling tutorial (for new users).

Quick Start:

If you want to start quickly you can download this file and continue and if you want to model the speaker you can read to speaker

modeling tutorial by clicking the link below

 Download File  Read modeling tutorial

Open the speaker file in 3ds max:

Open the downloaded file in 3ds max,this file created using version 7 and may not work on older version of 3ds max.

You have two separate speakers made by Lathe and its housing made by boolean.We'll Apply the AudioController to make

the speakers move back and forth according to a sound clip.

You need a *.wav file to use in this tutorial, you can search your PC for wav files and use anyone of your choice.

Or you can download this file

Assign the Audio Controller

Select the Speaker01(upper one) right click and click on the Curve Editor


A large window of Track View appear,And Speaker01 should be selected.Look for Y Position under Speaker01>Transform>Position

Right click Y Position and click on Assign Controller on the popup menu, select AudioFloat (the topmost item).

Click on Choose Sound button on the Audio Controller dialogue box browse/search for any wave file on your PC

or use this one.

In the Controller Range set Min 2.0 and Max 4.0, play your animation to see the effect.

Experiments with other settings.

Repeat the above steps for the second speaker.

Assign same sound clip as sound track of 3ds max:

As you notice that speakers are vibrating (hope they are) but you are not hearing any sound.

we have to assign the same clip as the animation sound track.Just have to tell 3ds Max to sing along :)

To do this deselect everything and right click on the empty place,click on Curve Editor

On the Track View,right click on Sound(under World) and click choose sound button,select the same file we

used for the animation.

Play the animation,your speaker should be working fine :)

Sounds can be used to animate objects in 3ds max, you can also experiment of animating the control points of FFD modifier

to create dancing effects etc....

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