Quantz Small Engine Repair

quantz small engine repair
  • Johann Joachim Quantz (30 January 1697 - 12 July 1773) was a German flautist, flute maker and composer.
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quantz small engine repair - On Playing
On Playing the Flute
On Playing the Flute
Johann Joachim Quantz's On Playing Flute has long been recognized as one of the most significant and in-depth treatises on eighteenth-century musical thought, performance practice, and style. This classic text of Baroque music instruction goes far beyond an introduction to flute methods by offering a comprehensive program of studies that is equally applicable to other instruments and singers.

The work is comprised of three interrelated essays that examine the education of the solo musician, the art of accompaniment, and forms and style. Quantz provides detailed treatment of a wide range of subjects, including phrasing, ornamentation, accent, intensity, tuning, cadenzas, the role of the concertmaster, stage deportment, and techniques for playing dance movements. Of special interest is a table that relates various tempos to the speed of the pulse, which will help today's musicians solve the challenge of playing authentic performance tempos in Baroque music. This edition includes 224 musical examples from Quantz's original text and features a new introduction by translator Edward R. Reilly that considers recent scholarship on Quantz's significant role in eighteenth-century musical activity.

On Playing the Flute vividly conveys the constancy of musical life over time and remains a valuable guide for contemporary musicians.

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Cuarteto de saxofones "Quantz"
Cuarteto de saxofones "Quantz"
Concierto del Cuarteto de Saxofones "Quantz" en el Auditorio del Centro Autorizado CONTRAPUNTO (Leon). Febrero 2006
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DSC 0522.jpg
"In Loving Memory Brandon B. Quantz 1970--2003"

quantz small engine repair
quantz small engine repair
On Playing the Flute
Music master to Frederick the Great, Quantz was one of the great flute virtuosos of all time. He was also a thorough musician, a fine teacher and an excellent writer. This classic book is ostensibly a flute method, but it goes far beyond that, presenting a complete and detailed picture of musical taste and performance practice in the 18th century. Of special significance is a table relating various tempos to the speed of the pulse, helping modern musicians to solve the difficult question of authentic performance tempos of Baroque music. This reissued edition includes all Quantz's music examples together with an introduction and explanatory notes by the translator, Edward R. Reilly.