Electronics Tv Repair

electronics tv repair
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A Few Less Channels
A Few Less Channels
I moved to Boston in the spring of 2001 and didn't really know anyone in this city. I also lived in a 200 square foot basement studio apartment in Mission Hill and attracting any visitors was kind of tough. So, to pass some time that first summer I bought this old and broken 1949 Admiral television set on eBay to fix up. It was salvaged from an old radio and TV repair shop in Connecticut that burned down and was in pretty bad shape. I spent over a week sanding and refinishing it and then refitted it with a slightly more modern CRT tube and chassis. This 1949 Admiral became my first working television in Boston. Unfortunately, the building fire dried the cabinet wood severely and it has been twisting and warping ever since. Every few months (for years now) a new split would appear and I knew it would probably break on my next move. This, on top of the fact that it's just not practical to watch ANYTHING on a 10" somewhat blurry screen, finally convinced me that it was time to part with the old Admiral. So, this morning before work, I made the decision and carried the awkwardly large console out to the snowy curb. Godspeed old buddy. As a footnote, my old roommate just reminded me that if I left town for a weekend this TV would turn on all by itself in the middle of the night. Not only that, but in these occasions the only way to turn it off was to unplug it as the normal remote switch wouldn't work. True story.
Desvelado.Com Paramount Blvd one time electronics store ( Downey California )
Desvelado.Com Paramount Blvd one time electronics store ( Downey California )
while not a store I remember from my childhood this store has been around for at least 5 years. Don't know what they sell, have never checked out the website but the store front graphics have never changed. Find the aliens to be very intriguing. Maybe I should check this place out. This was once( I'm pretty sure) an electronics/TV repair store. They sold TV's as well as repaired them but also sold these big portable radios(Goldstar and believe they also carried LaSonic). During the 80's when I used to walk around town street I remember wishing that I had one of those big radios.

electronics tv repair