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3. Focused Freewrites

It’s time for you to open up Natalie Goldberg’s Old Friend from Far Away to discover it riches. As Goldberg points out in her “Note to Reader”

Too often we take notes on writing, we think about writing, but never do it.  I want you to walk into the heart of the storm, written words dripping off hair, eyelids, hanging from hands. 

Start with “Read this Introduction” and “Note to Reader,” and then proceed from “Go” (p.1) through “Scratch” (p. 50). 

Goldberg sees writing as an athletic activity that requires “Exercising the Muscle” in the form of 10-minute focused freewrites.  For this class, you will complete three of these freewrites during this first week and four for weeks two, three, and four. 

Each freewrite should be about a page long, approximately 250 words  (be sure to end each entry with a word count).  You will post these to the Assignments tool on Laulima, according to the dates listed on Daily Assignments list, and you will earn up to 10 points for each freewrite.  No late freewrites will be accepted.  These may become the basis for your memoirs.

Week 1:  3 FFW:  focus on pages xvii to 58

Week 2:  4 FFW:  focus on pages 59-120

Week 3:  4 FFW:  focus on pages 121-182

Week 4:  4 FFW:  focus on pages 183-238

Focused freewrites will be awarded points based on word count and timeliness.

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