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Trevor Clark

Trevor Clark, Ph.D. – Executive Director, Education & Research, Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)

Trevor is a special educator with a comprehensive experience and knowledge of educational programs and service provision for students with autism spectrum disorders as a result of over 25 years in the field in New Zealand, England and Australia.  His experience at Aspect comprises that of teacher, school principal and Director of Education & Research.  He completed his doctorate in autism in 2001 at University of New South Wales, which involved a curriculum designed to make functional use of savant and splinter skills in children with autism. 

Currently, Trevor manages the Aspect schools program (6 schools including 71 satellite classes) (600 students) which makes it one of the world’s largest autism-specific educational programs.  As a result of the Aspect Comprehensive Educational Approach that underpins the schools program, 80 to 100 students are able to successfully transition from Aspect schools to more inclusive educational settings annually. 

Trevor is also responsible for strategic leadership of the Aspect research program that is centered upon the continuous evaluation of Aspect’s programs and services.  Major research projects near completion include; an evaluation of Aspect’s home-based and centre-based early interventions programs and a follow-up survey of outcomes for students who have transitioned from an Aspect satellite class to more inclusive educational settings.  Aspect is actively involved in the promotion of national and international research into interventions and service provision for children and adults with an autism spectrum disorder.

Trevor was awarded his Ph.D. 2001 in a research project entitled “The application of savant and splinter skills in the autism population through curriculum design – a longitudinal multiple replication case study”.