Australasian Autism Research Collaboration (AARC)


The aims of the AARC are to:
  • further research in the understanding, detection, prevention and treatment of autism.
  • provide forums for the sharing and exchange of research within Australasia.
  • encourage and establish collaborative research.
  • provide support, encouragement, and a forum for new researchers, including research higher degree students.
  • promote and establish international research linkages and collaborations.
  • establish practice guidelines in education, treatment and diagnosis.
  • seek funding for research.
  • establish and maintain a national register/data base/website to promote and report research and projects relevant to ASD.
  • foster evidence-based practice in the delivery of services to the ASD community.


These aims can be achieved by:
  • identifing any synergies, and potential group collaborations
  • delineating strategies for collaborative multi disciplinary research, building proposals based on current researcher groups and individuals
  • generating larger samples through collaboration and data pooling
  • reaching agreement on common basic measures for research projects to facilitate data pooling
  • developing a clinical trials group to respond rapidly to current controversies
  • developing national guidelines for the raft of current government initiatives
  • developing strategies for advocacy and lobbying
  • finding funding sources to support the AARC

Current AARC Members

  • Dr Angelika Anderson, Monash University, VIC
  • Adjunt Associate Prof Tony Attwood, Griffith University, QLD
  • Prof Edith Bavin, LaTrobe University, VIC
  • Associate Professor Verity Bottroff, Flinders University, SA
  • Dr Avril Brereton, Monash University, VIC
  • Dr Jon Brock, Macquarie University, NSW
  • Assoc Prof Cheryl Dissanayake, LaTrobe University, VIC
  • Prof Valsamma Eapen, University of New South Wales, NSW
  • Dr Kylie Gray, Monash University, VIC
  • Assoc Prof Deb Keen, Griffith University, QLD
  • Dr Christine Kilham, Canberra University, ACT
  • Dr Danuta Loesch, LaTrobe University, VIC
  • Assoc Prof Murray Maybery, University of Western Australia, WA
  • Dr Oliver Mudford, University of Auckland, NZ
  • Prof Candida Peterson, University of Queensland, QLD
  • Prof Margot Prior, Melbourne University & LaTrobe University, VIC
  • Assoc Prof Amanda Richdale, LaTrobe University, VIC
  • Dr Nicole Rinehart, Monash University, VIC
  • Dr Jacqui Roberts, Sydney University, NSW
  • Assoc Prof Sylvia Rodger, University of Queensland, QLD
  • Associate Professor Jeff Sigafoos, Victoria University, NZ
  • Dr Natalie Silove, Children's Hospital Westmead, NSW
  • Associate Professor Kate Sofronoff, University of Queensland, QLD
  • Assoc Prof Mark Stokes, Deakin University, VIC
  • Prof Bruce Tonge, Monash University, VIC
  • Dr Katrina Williams, Children's Hospital Westmead, NSW
  • Dr John Wray, State Child Development Centre, WA
  • Assoc Prof Robyn Young, Flinders University, SA

AARC Meetings

The inaugural meeting of the AARC was held at the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre at LaTrobe University in April 2009. Subsequent meetings took place in August 2009 at Sydney Children's Hospital and in Adelaide in November 2009.

Minutes of these meetings can be found at the bottom of this page.

The final AARC meeting is scheduled for 19th March in Brisbane.

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