Special Event: Maynard's Animal Kingdom

Maynard's Animal Kingdom is an Inclusion Day for Kids of all Abilities. It will be held at the Boys & Girls Club of Assabet Valley, 212 Great Rd, Maynard, MA 01754, on Saturday, September 20th, 2014 from 1 PM to 2:30 PM. This is a free event for elementary children of all abilities and their families, and leaders of community groups.

Here are a list of interactive games and sensory friendly activities which will be at the event:
  • What's in the Box? : This is a game where a mystery item will be in a box with a hole covered with fabric. Can you guess what the object will be by only your sense of touch? *Mystery items will not be food and will not be scary*
  • Animal Dig : This is an activity where you can dig through packing peanuts to find animals and other objects. How many plastic objects can you find?
  • Smell Jars : This is a game where there will be smelly objects inside of small containers covered with thin fabric. Can you guess what the smell is? *Smells will be pleasant*
  • Underwater I Spy : This is a game where you look in a plastic bottle filled with water, glitter and different items. There will be a card that you can fill out as you find these items. Will you be able to fill out the whole card?
  • Color Sorting : This is a game where you can sort various colored buttons into its matching container. Will you be able to match each button correctly?
  • Memory : This is a game where you match pictures of an adult animal to the baby animal. There will a version with words as well. Can you match all of the animals together?
  • Shape Matching : This an activity where you match two popsicle sticks together to make shapes. How many shapes can you make?
  • Coloring : This is an activity where you can color in pictures of animals, or you can just draw. What can you draw?
  • Simon Says : This is an activity where you have to do what Simon Says. Can you copy Simon?
  • Pretend to be Animals : This is a game where you have to act like the animal that was drawn from a container. How well can you be an animal?
  • Book reading : Need some quiet time? There will be a separate room for you to go and have a story read to you or where you can read yourself.