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The Autism Home Page has been providing information on autism and related disorders since 1997*. More than information, we believe we also provide some hope. The Autism Home Page is founded on the belief that God, through His Son, Jesus Christ, intervenes in the lives of those affected by autism. For that reason it has a decidedly and unashamedly Christian "flavor". However, all are welcome, regardless of belief or lack thereof. May God bless your stay here.

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Visit any of the pages below for information on that topic.

(*Originally named The Augusta Autism Resource Center).

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  • Basic Training - If you have been around military folks you will understand that this is where you start. These pages cover basic information on autism, the symptoms, the related disorders, and diagnosis issues.
  • Where to Start - Once you know what you are dealing with you need to know what to do next. These pages cover your attitude, how to think about autism, how to begin treating autism, and who to go to for help.
  • Behavior Management - The Autism Home Page believes that this is the most important part of treating autism. It's great to teach a child with autism how to read, write, answer questions, etc. However, it all has to start with appropriate behavior and attention. These pages help you to understand how behavior management works and how to apply it without going too crazy.
  • Special Situations - Behavior management is great but there are some special situations that just don't seem to respond to anything and you will need some special help. These pages deal with those special situations and issues.
  • Education & Speech Issues - Okay, we got things going better at home but now what? School?! Oh no! Visit this page to get great ideas on how to negotiate IEP's, speech therapies, occupational therapies, other therapies, and other school and speech issues.
  • Causes of Autism - No one knows the cause of autism but there is no shortage of theories as to the cause of autism. Visit this page for information on the many theories about autism: immunizations? immunological? environmental? biological? chromosomes? All of the above?
  • Treatments for Autism - "No single cause, no single cure," so says Dr. Marie Bristol-Power. Visit this page to check out all the possible treatments for children and adults with autism.
  • Dubious Treatments - These are "treatments" that just do not seem to pass the "smell test." While there may be many well-meaning people and many hopeful parents involved in these treatments, the treatments just do not stand up to scientific scrutiny. 
  • Autism & God's Intervention - My granddaughter (I know, my web site doesn't look that old) showed symptoms of autism between 15 and 18 months. We tried all the treatments that made sense but added one more: prayer. Visit this page to learn about how God intervened in the life of many children with autism and their parents.
  • Georgia - South Carolina Autism Resources - Ya'll have to excuse me while I serve the people who put up with this transplanted Yankee. Visit this page to learn about what is available in Georgia for children and adults with autism.
  • Autism Research - Visit this page to keep up with the seemingly daily advances in autism research.
  • Miscellaneous Information - At home this would be my "junk drawer." But nothing junky here. Visit this page to learn about odd things, unrelated topics, kinda related topics, interesting stuff, and to look for that missing sock. ;-)
  • Resources for Teaching and Training - Why do toys and resources for children with autism have to cost so darn much!? Visit this page for links to the best free resources on the Internet.
  • Ten Recommendations - Everything I learned about autism I learned from kids and adults with autism and their families. Visit this page for common sense advice on working with kids and adults with autism.

Please send questions, comments, & suggestions to: Gary J. Heffner.

DISCLAIMER: This site is intended to provide basic information resources on Autistic Disorder. It is not intended to, nor does it, constitute medical or other advice. The author of the web site is not a medical doctor. Readers are warned not to take any action with regard to medical treatment or otherwise based on the information on this web site or links without first consulting a physician. This web site does not necessarily endorse any of the information obtained from any of the links on this page or links that other pages may lead you to. Neither does this web site promote or recommend any treatment, therapy, institution or health care plan. The information contained in this site is intended to be for your general education and information only and not for use in pursuing any treatment or course of action. Ultimately, the course of action in treating a given patient must be individualized after a thorough discussion with the patient's physician(s) and family. This web site is an open web site and can be viewed by the public. For this reason do not share personally identifying information or any info that you believe would compromise your or your child's privacy and safety.