Hanover County VA, Autisic Family Challenges

Hello from the Peterson's

Were a typical family living in Mechanicsville VA with a child who has autism. Over the last three years we have been in litigation with the Hanover Public School System over the appropriateness of our unilateral placement at a private school for autism.

HCPS  has in fact been paying his tuition for the last 3 years , but rebuffs the notion that they should pay for the year when we removed him from Rural Point Elementary.

He has made significant progress in the private placement and we are very grateful.

Happy New Year   


Click the Attachment below named DOC122208.pdf  (Federal District Ruling)

P.S. If you have problems viewing this file. go to WWW.Adobe.com and click on Get Adobe Reader

Also if you are a parent of an autistic child feel free to contact Linda Peterson at kdp10@comcast.net

My wife is very knowledgeable in autism and issue of FAPE. "free and appropriate education"  

Jan 13, 2009, 12:07 PM