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Below is a list of resources that have been recommended by clinicians and workers in Gippsland.
Many people have asked for a list of websites with information about Autism. Click here to see the list of web sites. 
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Please email if you know of a resource that you have found useful. These may be web sites, books, or other materials you have used.
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Information An overview of services and support for parents of children with a disability in Victoria PDF "Through the Maze"  
Resource iPAD grants PDF link to iPAD grant application  
Information AAC and Autism Spectrum Disorders PDF link to Scope web page  
Information Welcome to Connect and Relate for Autism Inc’s first Newsletter. PDF link to CARFA newsletter  
Information AMAZE (formely Autism Victoria). This website has a wealth of local information and help-lines. PDF link to AMAZE  
Information The Department recognises that children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) represent a diverse body of individuals requiring a wide range of supports and intervention services. PDF Link to DEECD  
Resource Autism - 5 Top Resources. Scope’s highly skilled team of therapists and psychologists have put together a list of resources that they find really useful and most often recommend to families. PDF Scope's Top-5 Resources for Autism.   
Information Beyond Wants and Needs. Supporting Social Interactions Between Students with ASD and Their Peers - A presentation from Pat Mirenda Word document Click here to download  
Information Communication Strategies and Supports for individuals with Challenging Behaviour. Presented by Pat Mirenda Word document Click here to Download  
Information Research - Predicting the Development of Autism. Measuring how a baby's brain reacts to shifts in eye contact might help predict the development of autism symptoms from as young as six months. PDF Click here to Download  
Information Autism UK website for more information relating to Adults on the Autism Spectrum PDF Click here for details  
Information Sue Larky Interview with world renowned autism and aspergers expert Tony Attwood PDF Click here  
Information The ACT NOW journal club provides lots of journal articles relating to pre-school and child autism. PDF Click here  
Resource Nurturing Children with Autism: This resource is designed to assist families who have a young child with an ASD or ASD-like behaviours to learn more about the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the significant role of play in their child’s development. PDF For more details click here This product can be pruchased by contacting Amaze on 03 9657 1600 
Information Interview of Tony Attwood PDF  
Resource East Gippsland Post School Services DIrectory 2013 PDF Service Directory  
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