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All video clips are listed and linked below under Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Beginning Level

Game ClipsGames

 Ball Choice
 Video Example: pointing to choose a ball through acrylic on raised platform.
Blow Balloon
 Alternative Link

 Video Example of Game that is about letting a little bit of air out of a balloon on different body parts
 Blanket Swing
Alternative Link
 Video Example: two step route game with swing & inset puzzle
 Bop and Jump
Alternative Link
 Video Models & Example of a route game on the trampoline or a bed where there are two roles-Bopper and Jumper
Bubbles On Hand (not You Tube)

Calling On Swing
Video Example: calling for mom or dad while swinging

Calling Puzzle Animals
 Video Model: This game is about calling farm animal puzzle pieces

 Click Click Click
Video Model:  This game uses inset puzzle but no language for reciprocity

 Video Model: Drawing faces with basic emotions (happy, sad, mad, surprised, scared, OK) and then acts out emotions

 Drum Imitation
Video Example: Parent imitates child in drum and shaker game
Knock it Down Animals
Video Model: little animal characters are set up and then knocked off a raised "fence"
Knock it Down Soft Animals
Video Model: soft animal characters are knocked off a raised "fence"

 No, Not Yet, Swing
Video Model:  about waiting for adult to say or nod "yes" before swinging on a swing

 Talk Like Potato Head
Video Model: adult imitates Potato Head as he talks

 Turn It Over
Video Model:  turning over "cookies" in a row

Running and Falling
Video Example: child runs with parent/s across room and falls in soft place
 Video Model: Two models of a first Hide and Find game with calling.  One version uses calling intonation, the other singing
          Intermediate Level

 Game Clips

Alligator Dentist
Video Example:Pretending to take teeth out of Dentists mouth

 Animal Noses
 Video Model: Nonverbal negotiation about animal noses
 Bop and Jump
Alternative Link
 Video Models & Example of a route game on the trampoline or a bed where there are two roles-Bopper and Jumper
 Build a Mountain
Alternative  Link
 Video Example: Game of building a mountain with bean bag chairs (From RDI Activities Book)

 Bye Bye Letters
 Video Model: Drawing and then scribbling out letters
 Can We Go?
Alternative Link
Video Example: Negotiating step by step toward swing (RDI Game)

 Compainting (Not You Tube)

 Drawing Faces (Not You Tube)
Drum Together
Alternative Link
 Video Model: Drum Routine for two people

 Family Drums
 Video Example: Family plays Follow the Leader Drums together

 Following Verbal Directions
 Video Model: Sending toys down a gutter in a game that teaches the role of teller/listener, and teaches verbal directions
Fruit Train 1
Alternative Link
Video Example: Following verbal directions with fruit in the fruit bowl
Hats Off with Gutter
 Video Example: Bowling game using a gutter.

 Video Example: Every moves when someone yells "HOT"  (RDI Game)

Marble Works
 Video Example: Describing the course of marbles down a Marble Works shoot

 Play Doh
 Video Example: Describing and choosing while playing with Play Doh

 Point Box Dinosaurs
 Video Model: Trying to find Dinos in one of several covered holes
Point Cups
Video Example: Trying to find a toy hidden under one of several cups

 Silly Six Pins with Gutter
 Video Model: Turn-taking game with facial expressions

Step On Letters
Video Example: Taking turns telling one another to step on a different letter

 Straw Game

 Video Model: Using a Straw and Stickers to teach new vocabulary

 Trampoline and Tickle
 Video Example: Jumping and counting with different partners

Verbal Yes/No
 Video Model: Pointing to ask which pole one should put the ring on
    Advanced Level

 Game Clips

Animal Noses Negotiation
 Video Model: Negotiating about what animal noses to put on with pointing and head nods and head shakes

Body Language
 Video Model: Stage Play acting game of shaping body to express various emotions

 Bunny Hop Board Game
Video Model of an introduction to the Bunny Hop Game
Can I Have? One
 Video Model of a Yes/No question game

 Can I Have? Two
 Video Model of a Yes/No question game with roles switched
 Cariboo Cranium
Alternative Link
Video Example of using a game to teach asking permission

 Mixed Up Animals
 Video Model of mixing the shape and names of two different animals to create a new animal
 Monster Monster
Alternative Link
Video Example of a family game

 Point Box with Dinosaurs
 Video Model of a pointing/guessing game
Point Box with Feathers
 Video Model of a pointing/guessing game

 Point Cups
 Video Example of a pointing/guessing game using upside-down cups

 Refrigerator Magnets
 Video Example of giving verbal directions game--good for teaching expressive language and receptive language
 Sponge Bob Square Pants Imitation
 Video Model of Applied Theater game where emotions are imitated

 Straw Game
 Video Model: Using a Straw and Stickers to teach new vocabulary

 TicTacTony Board Game (not You Tube)

 Video Example of two children playing coordination game up a set of steps
What's Your Rule?
 Video Example of a game where adult or child makes up a new rule each turn-on swing set
 Zimbos Board Game with Visual Support
Video Model of board game called Zimbos modified to include video model