Autism club - Ernakulam chapter, is registered under the charitable society registration act

of 1955. The voting members of this group include individuals with autism and parents having

children with autism. Professionals and persons interested in working with autism can also

become a non-voting member. More than 40 families are beneficiaries of the club services.

The club activities have been a turning point to a number of families. Every child is precious

to the club and we are sure they will reach the heights of their potential through our

collective effort.

Our services include the following:-

Help in early intervention

Parent counselling

Classes for parents/people interested in autism

Computer training for kids

Employment assistance

Awareness campaigns

Mother's group - mothers gather and share their expertise with each other

Autism club, Ernakulam has tie-up with various institutions where the club members can

enjoy the service free of cost or in a reduced rate.

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