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Mended Hearts is Coming in

March! Here's the cover...

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Out of the Woods- 
Is moving full steam ahead! it's been mapped out and a quarter of it is written. This ones going to be good guys! Here's the blurb as I have it now....

What would you do if you saw something fall from the sky and crash in a fiery blaze? Would you run toward it? Would you run from it? Adventure ran through my veins like hot magma runs under the ground. I craved it, I longed for it. I'd spent my life always chasing a high I could never quiet reach. I'd grown up wild and for the most part free, but those things came at a price. Abandoned by my mother, rejected by my father, forced to grow up fast and take care of myself.

                I'll never forget the day my life changed…The day I ran toward that fiery blaze.

 Not My Type has been picked up by Black Opal Books!!
The Second Story in the ONS (One Night Stand) series!
Plus check out the first chapter in the My Blog section

                                Not My Type- Is in the process of being published by Black Opal Books!

            Lexi- I live on a farm…scratch that, I lived on a farm. I was on my way to L.A. to live amongst the rich and famous, to work for the rich and famous. I did not leave a farm and a seriously complicated relationship, to dive back into another one. Yet, there I was falling for a rock star that was so my type of man, it was scary. Could I ever truly leave the farm and the man I left behind to start over? Was this new relationship just a rebound from the last?

    Trent- I had one type of woman all my life. I had this image of her in my head from as young as a boy. She'd be petite, beautiful long blonde hair, quiet, someone that would stand behind me as I rose to fame with my band mates. I did not see myself with a southern, loud mouthed, Amazon, of a woman who drove me up the wall. I didn't have time to be chasing a woman, they usually came to me but here I am, doing everything in my power to win over a woman who wasn't even my type.

                                Make Me Stay-  Make Me Stay will be published by Black Opal Books sometime in the Spring/Summer of 2016! 

Caroline: When someone says “make me stay” in the most dramatic, love sick kind of way, most people think it sounds desperate, weak or needy. I for one think it sounds like all of the above!  I’m not stupid and I sure as heck am not desperate.  In fact, I’m the complete opposite of weak, I’ve lived my life with a steel trap around my heart and I don’t need anyone – especially a man. So how in the hell did a wannabe rock star get me to say those three words…make me stay?

Kane: One woman man? You’ve got to be joking. I was a rock god … in a bar… in a small town … eh, details. I was getting women like I was their gift from God. I was going to make it big; my band and I were going to bust out of small town USA and we were going to knock the panties off every woman in sight. So, when I caught some sexy groupie touching my baby… my beautiful guitar.  Did I want to test those waters? Hell yes! But did I want to be a one woman man? Hell no! But after seeing her all I knew was that I wanted to make her stay.