People often ask me what I write.  It's a maddening question that I don't quite know how to answer in a thousand words or less.
Imagine if you could go back in time and ask Picasso what he paints--
That's not to say I'm as tallented at writing as Picasso was at painting.  I'm only making the point that my work is a bit difficult to characterize. People either like it or not.  There usually isn't a lot of middle ground.
Perhaps it would be helpful if I listed some of the authors who have influenced my work.  I am in awe of the master, Stephen King.  Even when he lays an egg it's better than 99% of the other crap on bookstore shelves.  Others include Peter Straub, Anne Rice, Dan Simmons and Thomas Harris.  I also like to weave a bit of offbeat humor into my dialog.  Patrick F. McManus would be the dominant influence there.
If you are interested, I suggest that you download one of my short stories or a few chapters of one of my novels.  It's free and the links are scattered throughout this page.  If you like what you see, let me know.  If you don't, let me know that too.
My first novel is entitled, "Theodosia's Flock.  It falls into the horror genre, but it's not what most people imagine when I say that.  The book is character driven with no gore or splatter.  It does, however, have a mature theme.  I'd rate it as PG-13, so the more sensitive may want to read with care.  The setting is ficticious, but people who know the ozarks of southern Missouri will see a lot they recoginze.
One reader discribed it this way--
"It's like Little Shop of Horrors meets Monty Python meets Green Acres."
Download the first few chapters here with no obligation or hassle.  If you like it you can buy a copy from that site, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or any other online outlet.  If you'd like an autographed copy, drop me a note.  My email address is dgbryant@wildblue.net.  Now also available for Kindle, Nook and iBook.
My second novel is entitled, "The Hermit's Lair," and is a sequel to the first.  In it the reader learns more about Theodosia and her minions.  The theme is a bit more subdued with more interaction and less action.  The main character this time is a woman with an interesting psychic ability.
Again, you can download the first few chapters here without risk of spam or virus.  My royalty is  higher if you get it from Booklocker, but if you'd prefer to get it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble that's good too.  Now also available for Kindle, Nook and iBook.
"MIrabelle," is the short story that prompted one reader to ask--
"Were you dropped on your head?"
I don't know if she realized that I considered the question a high compliment.  Of the short stories that I have written to date, Mirabelle is my favorite.  It appeared in the Spring, 2009 edition of Strange, Weird and Wonderful magazine.  You can download that edition here at no cost or obligation.  My story begins on page 110.
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