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Endorsements for Dave Moyer’s Life and Life Only:


“Moyer takes the reader on a sweeping journey chronicling the losses and victories of Dan Mason and his family.  Paired with the songs of Bob Dylan, the narrative in Life and Life Only is a window, a vision into contemporary American life.”

--Nate Jordan

Founder and President of Monkey Puzzle Press


“Moyer’s Life and Life Only goes well beyond a simple following inside the life and love of baseball pitcher Dan Mason and his journey into manhood . . . The storyline is more than believable; rather it is replayed in actuality over and over again with real players in real places . . . The real truth is that Moyer intersects the paths of fiction and non-fiction time and time again in a highly believable manner.  It is a must read for any baseball fan who can appreciate the trials and tribulations of a player searching for two loves.”

--Carl Moesche

Area Scout, Major League Scouting Bureau


“Dan Mason is a character that is both endearing and painfully realistic.
--Jen Knox

Author, Musical Chairs


Shoeless Joe, Bang the Drum Slowly and Man on Spikes are the three best in the category.  Life and Life Only merits inclusion with these big three.  If you either like baseball, music or stories about the persistence of a good and principled man in the face of the daily challenges of living, then this book is for you . . . If you like all three, then this is a home run.”

--I. Transport


Excerpts from Reviews of Life and Life Only:


“In my opinion this book was much better than Revolutionary Road.  All of Moyer’s characters are full and complete, as is the story.  (Life and Life Only) is a coming of age story filled with natural life events and transitions . . . telling the story of thousands of young men (and women for that matter) . . . and could even act as a precautionary tale for us all.”

--Tabitha Holmes

The Reading Can


“The American dream can turn into the American nightmare without much time.  Life and Life Only is the tale of Dan Mason, a man who has everything he could ever want but soon finds himself losing everything he ever wanted.  A story of growing up even in adult life.  Dave Moyer gives a tale of coming to realize what’s truly important in life is living life and realizing the simple truths.  Life and Life Only is a fine pick.

--The Midwest Book Review (5/5 stars)


Dave Moyer has a way of telling a story that makes you fell like you know his characters personally.  We become invested in them because they are just so real . . . the book was enjoyable; because Moyer delivers a character in Dan Mason that we can really relate to and want to root for.”

--Slumberbooks Book Reviews


“For anyone . . . who is a Boomer, a rabid Dylan fan, a Byrds or Joni Mitchell fan, a sports fan, a baseball player, teacher or human being . . . Good work by Moyer.”

--Joseph’s Reviews


“Intriguing, heartbreaking, well-written, interesting, realistic.”

--Beth’s Book Review


Thank You Supporters!

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Thanks to all who have supported my first novel Life and Life Only and also those who have enthusiastically expressed interest in the forthcoming sequel Younger Than That Now.  Writing Life and Life Only was a multi-year process that finally came together when the title came to me.  I've semi-jokingly used the line that writing a book is the closest thing a male will ever know to giving birth.  The names are too numerous to mention without offending somebody, but many local librarians have hosted events or displayed my book and many local bookstores have agreed to put my book on their shelves.  I am forever grateful for that.  Also, I would like to thank Anthony Kendrick, who accepted my first short story "The Tree" (a story that is very special to me) into the first edition of his fledgling literary magazine Puffin Circus, and Nate Jordan, who endorsed the novel, gave me advice early on, and accepted my second story "The Birthday Party" into his magazine Monkey Puzzle.  Finally, Joseph Arellano from Joseph's Reviews positively reviewed Life and Life Only and since then has continued to provide ongoing support and advice from his perspective on how to get my writing career off the ground.

Shown with Mary Edelman of the Bartlett Public Library at the Reaching
Forward Conference at the in April of 2010 at the Donald E Stephens
Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.  Mary was one of the primary organizers
of the event and graciously invited me to appear at the local authors round table.

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