Drawing for Roma & Runa's Release


My two winners from this drawing!!

For the release of Roma and Runa on 06.21.17, I am drawing two names off of my newsletter list.

If your name is chosen, you will win one of two necklaces.

Not any necklace. A handmade, glow in the dark work of art!

Take a look ...

I've chosen ... 
the teal to give away.

These are gorgeous during the day when they're collecting all that solar energy.
The handmade necklaces were purchased from:
FanaticFandom @ Etsy.

I absolutely LOVE Etsy!! There are so many wonderful and talented folks there!!

Now, the reason I chose glow in the dark is because Runa, is located on a desert planet. Yes there is plenty of sun! But in the underground areas her people live, they use natural resources to 'light' the way. Hence, rocks that glow from all the sunlight.
See where I went there?? 😉

So, If you're interested in having your name entered into the drawing, all you have to do is sign up for my quarterly newsletter.
You will be asked twice if you're human 😉

As always my peeps, 
Read Lots and Stay Spicy!!

C ~