Brian Reeves

From law schoo
l to Domestic Relations Commissioner to Palm Beach Mediator and now to novelist, Brian's life has taken some interesting twists.  Brian is a community leader who can be found speaking at organizations around Florida.  He has deep, Orson Welles - type voice, and can be heard on many voice overs.

Brian is a member of Mensa (and serves on two national Mensa committees), the Palm Beach Civic Association and the former Chair (and present member) of the Palm Beach Citizen's Association.

His plays have been produced throughout Florida and the southeast.  Judicial Error is now complete.  Checks and Imbalances is now being edited and will be available soon for your review.

Judicial Error is the result of Brian's vivid imagination (His mother warned him about that!) and his many years of legal experience as an attorney, mediator and domestic relations commissioner a fancy term for a divorce case referee.

It is fast-paced, legal-based suspense thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Who on earth wants to kill our Supreme Court Justices and why are they doing it? 


  How long did it take to write Judicial Error?

It took about a year to complete.

Q:  Are any of the characters close to those you've met in real life?

A:  Yes and no.  The book is fiction and all the characters are fictional, but parts of it are collages of people I've known over the course of my life.

Q:  Was it easier to write, given your legal background?

Absolutely.  My legal background gave me a context for how the Supreme Court works and some of the arcane "behind the scene" facts that give it texture.  Judicial Error  is a richer narrative as a result.