Calling All Barbara's

Have you ever wondered where your name came from?
I never thought about it until three years ago when an invitation was published to all Barbara's in The Colorado Springs Gazette to attend a St. Barbara's Birthday Party on December 4, my birthdate. I didn't know that I was born on St. Barbara's Day and I would love to know the story behind it.
Lesson: Ask questions before it's too late.
Anyhow, several of the women asked me to put the poem I created for this year's occasion on my web site, so here you are, all you Barbaras of the world:





Our founding mother, Barbara Wittmer,

We are again all indebted to her

For bringing the Barbara’s a third year

Together again in love and good cheer.


More than our names in common’s no surprise.

Barbara V. said that we look into other’s eyes,

So we see our Spirits as one, which defies

The myth that Barbara’s are strangers in disguise.


Though a few of us have birthdays on St. Barbara’s day

And we’re all beautiful and courageous in St. Barbara’s way,

That by no means makes us saints, too, they say;

But all of we namesakes together do pray,


We’ll continue being upstarts in bringing new thoughts

Whatever the consequences, whatever it wroughts,

Hoping our courage does not bring too many onslaughts,

As we jump into life without regrets or afterthoughts.


So here we are celebrating the Unity of One.

Aren’t you glad you were not born a son?

We have the freedom to love and when done

As women alone or together we have fun.


 Wrinkles don’t bother us, as you can see,

Because as Barbara’s were just free to be.

We all appreciate our family tree

That inspired someone to call us Babs or Barbsie.


Even though we have to watch closely our weight,

More than those lucky guys we sometimes date,

To love life and live it, is for us innate

Though we may agitate, we can also create.


So we’ll find a common thread in all we meet,

Our heads in the heavenlies while firmly our feet

Are planted on earth, all mankind to greet

As brothers and sisters with one Father, complete.


We know being a Barbara’s a very special gift.

And even though our willfulness can cause quite a rift,

We know what we really want, if you catch my drift.

And our united goal in this life is just to inspire and uplift.


December, 2008

Barbara O. Jacobsen