Published Short Stories

 August 2011 - Greek Myths Revisited
In my contributed story, Poseidon's Cube, Galactic Archaeologist Jennifer Pollard has to identify and date an artifact unearthed in the construction site of an underwater city. She soon uncovers knowledge that will turn evolution on its proverbial head.

November 2010 - Daily Flash 2011: 365 Days of Flash Fiction Anthology
In my contributed story, Night Visitor, Nora wakes to an unwelcome visitor.

TO THE MEADOW'S EDGE September 2010- Bewildering Stories, Issue 401.
Georgia wakes to find herself in a very unusual place...and with very unusual company.
 September/October 2010- Bloody Carnival Anthology
In my contributed story Sorcerer Barabin, trapped for centuries, is working to gain the power to free himself from his dimensional prison...and he's only got two more souls to go. A fun evening at the carnival turns dark and dangerous for Lilia and James when they find out they're Barabin's final selections.

April 2010 - The Four Horseman: An Anthology of Conquest, War, Famine, and Death
Ever wondered where you journeyed when you die? Well, in my contributed story Nita's about to find out and you can read along.

THE PATIENT April 2010 - The Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 2
Victoria sits with her patient.

BUTTERFLY COCOON September 2009 - Aphelion Webzine
To Marie Hadner it's a regular shift in the boondock space colony of Pluto C. That's until people started to disappear and a comet decided to defy all logic. (Review of Butterfly Cocoon by independent Press Review available here.)